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The Evil Within 2 – Red Gel Locations

by Josh Hawkins

Red Gel is a new type of item introduced in The Evil Within 2, and as you progress further into the game, you’re going to need it to help unlock additional skills within the skill tree. Unlike Green Gel, though, you won’t simply find Red Gel around the world just waiting to be scooped up in plentiful amounts. Instead, you’ll need to hunt for the few that are available, and today we’ll show you how to find Red Gel in Evil Within 2, that way you can unlock all the skills that you need and want.

All Red Gel Locations

There are a small number of Red Gel items located around the various areas that you’ll explore in The Evil Within 2, and knowing where to look is half the battle. You’ll still need to deal with enemies being in the way, but that shouldn’t too much of an issue if you already know how to get the shotgun, which is one of the best weapons to grab early on.

Red Gel #1

This first Red Gel is found inside of a house along the right edge of the section of Union that you explore in Chapter 3. This house is found in the woods by itself, directly below the marker for the main mission in this chapter. Search inside the house and then once it is looted head out to have the door slam in your face. At this point, check the television and then move around the house to activate the memories that spawn in the area. Be sure to check the sink, the extra room, and the corners of every room to make sure you don’t miss any memories. Once the bathroom opens up, head inside and check the mirror. Follow the path before you and you’ll find this Red Gel waiting for you.

Red Gel #2

Look for the train car off to the western edge of the map, where the derailed train cars are, and kill the enemies around. Once the way is clear, head into the last train that you can enter, and you’ll find this Red Gel inside, waiting to be collected and used.

Red Gel #3

After you leave the gas tunnels in Chapter 4, you’ll find yourself in a safe room. This Red Gel can be found in the bathroom of the safe room. Grab it to add it to your collection.

Red Gel #4

Near the end of Chapter 6, you’ll enter a safe house and discover a new person inside. Look out for this Red Gel inside that safe room.

Red Gel #5

Look for this Red Gel inside of the Torres’ Safe House at the start of Chapter 11.

Red Gel #6

This Red Gel can be found inside of the lab inside of The Marrows. While exploring the lab, look out for the morgue and head inside to find this Red Gel inside on the racks, just waiting to be added to your collection.

We’ll continue to update this guide as we find more Red Gel in The Evil Within 2. For now, be sure to head back over to our The Evil Within 2 guide, where you’ll find more articles like how to get a shotgun, and how to find all the files in the game.

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