Everything We Know About PUBG Version 1.0

A detailed look at all the reveals we know are coming to PUBG’s version 1.0.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has evolved quite a bit since the game originally hit Early Access on Steam, and as the release of the Xbox One Game Preview version draws closer, PUBG Corporation is working hard to put the finishing touches on version 1.0 of the game and release a massive update that adds quite a bit to the game. Today we’d like to take a look at everything that we know about the impending update to PUBG version 1.0, that way players have a good idea of what to expect when the update releases.

Everything We Know About Version 1.0

Version 1.0 of PUBG is upon us and it’s always nice to know what you’re getting yourself into. One of the biggest changes coming with the version 1.0 release is the addition of a brand-new desert based map called Miramar.

Miramar is divided up by eight main cities that players can explore and loot to get their hands on tons of equipment and gear, including several new weapons and items. Of course, what makes this map so different from the original map, Erangel is the more industrial cities and the verticality offered by the larger cities. It’s a far cry from the original map, and the introduction of new game mechanics like vaulting will make it quite a different trip from the original game that released into Early Access. You can check out the map below.

Miramar will support two different weather types, including Clear and Sunrise. Players will also have to choose carefully when picking a vehicle to drive around in, as off-road and on-road driving experiences will be quite different according to the developers.

When it comes to new items, PUBG has never disappointed. Over the course of the game’s time in Early Access, we’ve seen quite a few new items make their way into the game. With the release of version 1.0, three new weapons will join the line-up of weapons available in the community’s arsenal. Of course, not all of these weapons will be available on both of the game’s maps, so the gameplay will vary depending on the map that you choose to experience battle royale on.

First up is the R45, which is only available on Miramar. This weapon replaces the base game’s R1895, and used .45 ammo. It can hold a maximum of 6 bullets at one time, and can even have a Red Dot attached to it for additional accuracy. The R45 has a much higher reload and accuracy compared to the base R1895, and players have already begun to stir up trouble with this weapon in the testing phase.

The second weapon being added to the arsenal is the Win94, a new lever action rifle that uses .45 ammo and can be loaded with 8 bullets at one time. It’s going to take an expert player to make use of this weapon, so keep that in mind if you pick it up in the game world.

The final weapon that players can expect to start seeing when 1.0 releases is the Sawed-Off shotgun. This weapon uses 12-gauge shots and can hold 2 shells at once. There aren’t any attachments for the weapon, and it has a short range, but if you can get close enough to hit your enemies with this weapon, then you’re sure to find them kneeling at your feet in no time.

Players will also get three new vehicles added to the game including the Aquarail, a jet-ski like vehicle. A van will also make its way into the game, offering a six-person vehicle for the first time. Of course, it will move much slower than the other vehicles, but it will have the highest HP of any vehicle in the game.

The final new vehicle is the pickup, which will only be available on Miramar. It will also be highly optimized for off-road driving on the map, so be ready to make use of its superior off-roading capabilities.

There are some other changes that have been made to the game, including core changes like the addition of a vaulting system, but we won’t detail those here, as there are simply too many. Instead, head over to the original blog post to find view the full details of the version 1.0 patch notes.

PUBG Version 1.0 will launch on December 20, officially marking the game’s exit from the Early Access scene. For now, head back over to our PUBG guide and bookmark it to make sure you have the most up-to-date information about the game on hand at all times.

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