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Every Character in Mario Golf Super Rush

by Jesse Vitelli

Mario Golf Super Rush has a large cast of characters all donning sporty new outfits as they hit the links. Here is every character currently in the game.

Every Character in Mario Golf Super Rush


Mario is a staple, after all it is his golf game. HIs speed stat is the real star here, so he will excel in modes like speed and battle golf.


Mario’s brother “Green Mario” is also in the game, some people like to call him Luigi. Just like his brother, Luigi has an extremely high speed stat.


Everyone’s favorite Yellow dressed villain Wario has a pretty decent power behind his swing as well as middling stats across the board.


Yes, Waluigi is back for his annual sports game appearance. He has good speed and control stats, just don’t expect him in Smash.


The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom Peach is here to shoot some balls. Great speed and control from Peach will help guide you to victory.


If Peach isn’t your speed, try out Daisy. Her speed stat and stamina are great.


The green-tongued lizard is back with the highest speed stat in the game. Yoshi’s stamina isn’t great though so it’s a trade-off for sure.


Bowser never misses a sports outing. He easily has the best outfit in the game and an extremely good power rating.

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is here to play golf with his father. Good speed and power can take any average golf player to new heights.


I was not aware ghosts like to play golf, but Boo is here with some pretty average stats across the board.

Donkey Kong

 I’m glad to see Nintendo didn’t forget about how good friend Donkey Kong. Great power and stamina make Dk an excellent choice.


It’s great to see Rosalina joining these mortal beings for a round or two of golf. Great speed, stamina, and power.


Even the mayor of New Donk City needs to take a break to hit the links. Great control and power from the mayor.


Toad is just here to vibe and that’s ok.

Chargin’ Chuck

I think someone needs to tell him he is dressed for the wrong sport, but hey, Chuck’s power is great.

King Bob-omb

Things are sure to get explosive around here now that we’re in the presence of royalty. His power is the highest in the entire game.

Well, those are all of the characters in Mario Golf Super Rush. For more tips, tricks, and guides for the game be sure to check out Prima Games and our official Twitter and Facebook pages.


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