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Ever Oasis – How to Unlock New Bloom Booths

by Josh Hawkins

Expanding your Oasis is a key component of the gameplay in Ever Oasis, and one great way to do that is to unlock and build new Bloom Booths. These special stores can be stocked with precious resources, which the Seedlings will then sell to travelers and Oasis residents alike. This is one of the best ways to make money in Ever Oasis, but it will require some work. In this article we’ll teach you all about how to unlock new Bloom Booths, and even offer some pointers to help you get started building the best Oasis ever!

How to Unlock New Bloom Booths

The easiest way to unlock new Bloom Booths for your Oasis is to unlock new residents. This can be accomplished by completing To-Do items on your To-Do list, or by simply convincing people to join when they visit your Oasis.

Once you’ve completed a To-Do objective, and convinced the Seedling to join your Oasis, then you can look into getting a Bloom Booth set up for them. Tap on the Bloom Booth icon on the bottom screen of your 3DS, and the Bloom Booth Build Menu will open. From here you can see the various Bloom Booth buildings currently available, as well as which Seedling wants to build it. Find an area to build the Bloom Booth, then press A and select the Bloom Booth that you want to build.

That’s really all there is to building and unlocking new Bloom Booths. The process is simple, though as you complete more To-do objectives, and unlock new residents, you may find yourself having to jump through a few more hoops to unlock new Bloom Booths. Don’t forget that you will need to Restock any Bloom Booths in order to keep them working correctly, otherwise they’ll just kind of shut down until you give them more stock, and your overall happiness level will plummet.

You should also remember that Bloom Booths are one of the primary ways that you obtain more Dewadems, which we discuss in great detail in our guide on how to get more dewadems quickly. You can use your Green Gale on the booths to collect your Dewadems and add them to your wallet.

Be sure to head back over to our Ever Oasis guide for more helpful tips and tricks, and take a look at our complete guide on how to expand your Oasis, as well as our handy article on how to craft your own gear in Ever Oasis. We’ll have plenty of additional guides to help you through take on the fight against the Chaos, so check back often for more information.