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Ever Oasis – How to Make Dewadems Quickly

by Josh Hawkins

Money is a key component to any role-playing game, and Ever Oasis is no different. As players adventure and build up their Oasis, they’ll need items like Dewadems to help them. Since this item works as the main currency in Ever Oasis, players will need to learn the best ways to farm Dewadems, which is what we’ll go over today. Keep reading to learn the best ways to fatten your wallet and earn more Dewadems in Ever Oasis.

How to Make Lots of Dewadems Quickly

Making Dewadems in Ever Oasis isn’t really a hard thing to do, but it will take some time. In fact, one of the best ways that you can make Dewadems is to keep your Bloom Booths well stocked, so that they can continue selling new items to your visiting travelers and Noots.

We’ve already shown you how to build more Bloom Booths, so use that information to start expanding your operations so you can earn more of these sweet Dewadems. Once a Bloom Booth is ready to share its profits, simply walk up to it and use your Green Gale attack to collect the Dewadems.

You can also obtain more Dewadems by completing objectives in your To-Do list. For instance, tracking down and completing a “rumor” will often grant you a nice reward of Dewadems, which you can then use to craft new items at your Synthesis Tree. To learn more about how to craft your own gear, be sure to check out our helpful guide.

Simply stocking up your Bloom Booths and collecting the Dewadems they share won’t be enough, though. In fact, the amount of money you can make in Bloom Booths is directly tied to how many travelers and Noots you have visiting your Oasis. The best way to make more money at your Bloom Booths is to learn how to expand your Oasis, which will allow you to place many more Bloom Booths along your Main Road. This will help drive new travelers and Noots to your Oasis, which will in turn help drive up profits.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to sell the items that you collect, which means you’ll need to rely upon rewards and Bloom Booth profits as your main routes to wealth. But, if you continue to stock up your Bloom Booths, keep adventuring and finishing up objectives on your To-Do list, and just generally keep the residents in your Oasis happy and excited to be a part of civilization, then you shouldn’t have too many issues stocking up on sweet Dewadems for all your crafting and Bloom Booth purchasing needs.

You can learn more by heading over to our Ever Oasis guide, where we have plenty of other helpful articles waiting to assist you.