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Ever Oasis – How to Level Up Quickly

by Josh Hawkins

Leveling up in Ever Oasis is important because it increases your health, the amount of damage you deal, and your overall defense against creatures of Chaos. Thankfully, the developers haven’t made level up hard, but you will need to be willing to air on the side of danger if you want to jump up a few levels very quickly. In this article we’ll go over the best way to level up quickly in Ever Oasis.

How to Level Up Quickly

The absolutely best way to level up is to simply explore out in the desert. While you’re outside of the Oasis, keep an eye out for creatures of the Chaos and take them on throughout your journey. Not only will this reward you with items that you need for Bloom Booths and crafting, but it will also reward you with experience, which will help push you to higher levels.

If you really want to farm for experience, then one of the best places to do so early on is Kidung Caves. You first head to this area while following an objective in your To-Do list, and it can be found just north of the entrance to the Seedling’s Oasis. The Pottery Cave is also another great place to grind for experience early on, as it offers several level 3-4 enemies for you to take on.

If you really want to earn the most experience, though, you should try adventuring out at night time. During the night, enemies are much stronger, and they offer a much higher experience reward for taking them down.

How to Gain Experience

Now, you might notice that when you are fighting enemies in Ever Oasis, you don’t actually have an experience bar anywhere on the screen. This is because you don’t actually gain any of the experience for killing mobs or completing quests until after you return to the Oasis. When you return to the Oasis, your experience is counted up, and it is added to your overall experience bar. You can then see what level you currently are, as well as how far along you are to the next level.

It’s an interesting way to do things, and while it may be annoying to some players, it allows for a much less cluttered screen when doing other things.

If you use the information we’ve included in this guide, you should now know how to get started earning more experience and leveling up quickly in Ever Oasis. Be sure to explore at night, complete your objectives in your To-Do list, and just keep killing any creatures of the Chaos that you see. You can also return to our Ever Oasis guide for more helpful tips and guides to assist you on your journey to grow the biggest Oasis ever.

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