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Ever Oasis – How to Expand Your Oasis

by Josh Hawkins

Managing your Oasis is an important part of Ever Oasis, and you’ll find yourself spending quite a bit of time managing your residents, and the Bloom Booths that they enjoy running. In this article we’ll discuss all the different ways that you can go about expanding your Oasis, which you’ll want to start doing extremely early into the game.

How to Expand Your Oasis

As mentioned above, expanding your Oasis is extremely important to the game’s progression. Thankfully, expanding your Oasis is very easy, as the only requirement to expand your Oasis is to acquire more residents.

Acquiring more residents is the only way to expand your Oasis and expand areas like the Main Road, and the garden. Both of these areas are extremely useful, as they allow you to collect items, farm for things, and even build new Bloom Booths. The best way to gain new residents is to complete objectives on your To-Do list, and head out into the desert to find areas mentioned in rumors.

Having more Bloom Booths also means more travelers, and travelers can include an assortment of different NPC types that will visit and exchange Dewadems with your residents in their Bloom Booths. Always try to build new Bloom Booths as quickly as possible, and make sure you are keeping them stocked up with all the items they need. You can learn all about how to unlock new Bloom Booths in our helpful guide, and you should also check out our guide on how to craft your own gear, as you’ll need it to explore the most dangerous areas of the desert.

As you expand your Oasis, your power will grow, which will help increase your health. You can increase this power further by keeping Bloom Booths stocked and your residents happy, which should be your main goals—especially early on in the game. Expanding the main road means more Bloom Booths, which will help you earn more Dewadems as the game progresses.

Remember to keep completing objectives on your To-Do list, convince new residents to join you, and always try to get Bloom Booths up as quickly as possible to ensure you continue bringing in new travelers and possible residents. It should also be noted, though, that not all travelers who join your Oasis will be seedlings, so some will be unable to open new Bloom Booths. They can, however, be used in your party, which will be extremely useful in later parts of the game.

Now that you know all about how to expand your Oasis, you should definitely take a look at our Ever Oasis guide, which showcases all our Ever Oasis content, and even offers several helpful tips that will assist you in getting started on your adventure to fight the Chaos and build a refuge for all peaceful creatures in the desert.

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