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How to Get Empyrean Key in DOOM Eternal

by Nicholas Barth

There are plenty of things for players to experience in the world of DOOM Eternal. One of these things is the acquiring of the Empyrean Key item, which can be used to unlock a particular reward in the Slayer’s fortress. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to get an Empyrean Key covered for you. 

Empyrean Key DOOM Eternal

Players can obtain this Empyrean item by completing the Slayer Gate activities that are found in different missions in the campaign of the first-person shooter. These Slayer Gates are purple-colored entrances which are located at various points in a total of six missions. You can find these six missions in order below:

  • 2 – Exultia
  • 3 – Infiltrate the Cultist Base
  • 5 – Super Gore Nest
  • 6 – Arc Complex
  • 7 – Mars Core
  • 9 – Taras Nabad

 Empyrean Key Doom Eternal

These Slay Gates are challenging encounters and will require players to use their best skills to defeat all of the enemies they throw at you to obtain an Empyrean Key for your collection. There is no doubt that these Slayer Gates will be an adrenaline-fueled adventure for the individuals who dare to enter them and see if they can survive. 

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