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The Elder Scrolls Online: Fungal Grotto Dungeon Boss Guide

by Bryan Dawson

A common theme in the Fungal Grotto is that every boss summons adds of some sort. In some cases the adds are almost as strong as the boss, while in others the adds are weak in strength, but large in number. Healers are important in this dungeon because of all the adds. As a healer, make sure to keep the party as close to full health as possible to avoid any potential wipes.

How to Beat Tazkd the Packmaster

The Packmaster is not difficult to defeat by any means. It’s the adds that attack during the battle that are the real threat. Healers will have their hands full as the adds inflict considerable damage and will likely attack multiple party members. Even if the tank can take control of the adds, it’s unlikely the rest of the party will get away unscathed. Depending on the skill of your damage dealers (DPS), you should either focus on one add at a time, or split your DPS to focus on multiple adds at once. Either way, the faster you take down the adds, the easier this fight becomes.

How to Beat War Chief Ozozai

While the adds in this battle are not quite as tough as the adds in the Packmaster fight, they’re still a concern. DPS should take down the adds before engaging the War Chief. Healers should keep a close eye on the DPS classes, as the adds can hit for significant damage depending how well-geared your DPS classes are.

Once the adds are down, shift focus to the War Chief. Healers will need to once again stay on their toes as the boss attacks random party members with multiple attacks. If he targets a party member with an exploding ability, the targeted player needs to quickly move away from the rest of the party. The following explosion will not kill the player, but it will damage any other party members nearby. It’s also important for healers to be ready to cure the targeted player following the explosion.

Finally, when the boss plants a standard in the ground, the tank needs to act quickly and move the boss away from the object. If the boss is too close to the standard, he receives a damage buff which can make the healer’s job considerably more difficult.

How to Beat the Bloodbirther

Much like the previous bosses in this dungeon, Bloodbirther has two adds that are roughly equal in strength to the adds you fought at the beginning of the War Chief battle. Once again, take out the adds before focusing on the boss to make the battle easier for your party. Healers need to pay attention, as the adds can inflict considerable damage rather quickly.

With the adds out of the way, shift over to the Bloodbirther. The only attack you really need to be concerned with is a massive area of effect (AoE) spell. There’s no red circle on the ground to indicate where the spell will hit. All party members need to watch for the thunder cloud that appears above. Once you spot this, get as far away from the boss as you can to mitigate the damage. Healers should be ready to cure any party member who is unable to get away from the boss during the attack.

How to Beat Clatterclaw

Adds are the name of the game against Clatterclaw. The boss summons a large number of adds, but unlike the previous boss battles, these adds are not much to worry about so long as you don’t let them linger. All of the adds summoned are fairly weak compared to the adds you fought previously, but there are far more of them in this battle. Use AoE attacks to make quick work of the adds, then shift your focus to the boss. Once the adds are down, the boss goes down as easy as a normal battle.

How to Beat Kra’gh the Dreugh King

Kra’gh uses a big AoE spell that inflicts severe damage to any party member unfortunate enough to get caught by it. It’s not overly difficult to avoid, so pay close attention to the red circle that appears on the ground, signaling the attack radius. When you see this, immediately move out of the circle to avoid the attack. Once again, healers need to be ready to cure any party member who is unable to make it out of the circle.

When the boss heads underground, several adds appear. Take down the adds before shifting focus back to the boss. Once the adds are down, there won’t be much left of the boss. Tanks should remember to block all Power Attacks, since they inflict significant damage if they’re not blocked. Overall, this is a fairly easy battle so long as you block the Power Attacks and avoid the AoE attack.

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