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The Elder Scrolls Online: Crypt of Hearts Dungeon Boss Guide

by Bryan Dawson

The bosses in the Crypt of Hearts are some of the most challenging boss battles up to this point in the game. Many of the boss battles will put a strain on every member of the party, so it’s important that everyone pay close attention during all three boss battles. There are a number of adds and various abilities that can make these battles difficult to deal with if the party doesn’t understand the appropriate strategy for the fight.

How to Beat the Archmaster Siniel

In most boss battles in The Elder Scrolls Online, one party member is extremely important to the success of the endeavor. Usually it’s the tank or healers that have the responsibility of paying close attention to the battle and making sure everything goes as planned. However, in the battle against Siniel, every member of the party needs to pay close attention if you’re going to be successful.

Throughout the fight, Siniel summons Rotting Corpse adds. While these adds don’t pose a severe threat when they first spawn, if left alone, they will become more and more of an issue as additional adds appear. Take them out as soon as they appear to avoid any trouble as the battle progresses. This is a task for the damage dealers (DPS), so be sure to pay close attention to the adds so you can kill them as quickly as possible.

Siniel attacks party members at random, so it’s important for the healers to keep all party members as close to full health as possible. Random deaths will make it harder to kill the adds quickly, which could cause the difficulty of the battle to escalate.

Finally, at random times Siniel will attempt to cast Fear on a party member. The targeted party member needs to get as far away from Siniel as possible when this happens. If you don’t move quickly, you won’t be able to get far enough away to remain relatively safe. For this reason, not only must DPS classes need to watch for adds, they also need to watch for the Fear cast.

How to Beat Death’s Leviathan

The Leviathan’s basic attacks are fairly straightforward. The tank should block all Power Attacks, while the entire party should avoid the fire trails left behind when the boss charges around the area. These are relatively easy to avoid. Healers need to keep the tank as close to full health as possible because Leviathan hits very hard and can quickly take down even a well-geared tank if the healers don’t stay on top of things.

What you absolutely must look out for is Leviathan’s massive area of effect (AoE) attack that he’ll charge up at various points throughout the battle. It’s highly recommended that the tank and melee DPS classes conserve stamina in order to roll out of this AoE attack. It has a considerable radius and inflicts significant damage to any party member unlucky enough to fall victim to it. If you can successfully dodge this attack, the battle is relatively easy.

How to Beat Dogas the Berserker

The battle against Dogas puts considerable strain on healers. There are a number of adds (Skeletal Warriors and Banekin) that need to be killed frequently to keep the fight under control. The Skeletal Warriors begin the fight alongside Dogas, but the Banekin are especially deadly because they use an AoE attack that can damage multiple party members if you’re not careful.

All of the adds spawn somewhat continuously throughout the fight. A good strategy is to assign one DPS to take down the adds as they appear (with a backup DPS ready in case things start to get out of hand). The healers need to be ready to not only keep the tank alive, but whichever DPS is assigned to the adds. If the adds are not taken care of quickly they will begin to pile up and could potentially wipe out the party.

The remaining DPS should focus exclusively on Dogas to burn the boss down as quickly as possible. The tank should block all of Dogas’s Power Attacks, but healers still need to keep a close eye on the tank’s health. Dogas hits very hard and even a well-geared tank may lose health rapidly against this boss.

Healers also need to watch party health as a whole because Dogas uses an attack that targets random party members and hits them with a damage over time (DoT) attack. Once again, it’s very important that healers keep all party members as close to full health as possible. This is a battle that can get out of hand very quickly given the adds, AoE attacks, and DoT abilities of Dogas.

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