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The Elder Scrolls Online: City of Ash Dungeon Boss Guide

by Bryan Dawson

In the City of Ash dungeon, you must face off against three bosses that all use fire-based area of effect (AoE) attacks. Healers are key in this dungeon, as are tanks. It’s important for the healers to keep their party as close to full health as possible to help defend against the multitude of AoE attacks that your party will face during each boss battle. It’s also very important that your tank blocks Power Attacks well, because these bosses inflict heavy damage if not properly defended against.

How to Beat the Infernal Guardian

The battle against the Infernal Guardian requires your party to pay attention, and have a solid healer. As long as you have those two things going for you, this battle isn’t overly difficult. At multiple points throughout the battle, the Guardian unleashes a batch of AoE fire attacks. While these attacks are not difficult to evade, there are a lot of them. If you’re not paying attention during the attack, you will almost certainly take damage.

Other than the AoE fire spells, there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to the Infernal Guardian. The healer will have his or her hands full because the Guardian attacks random party members no matter how skilled the tank may be. As long as the healer keeps the party near full health and the tank blocks the Guardian’s Power Attacks, this fight should go smoothly.

How to Beat the Warden of the Shrine

The healers and tank are extremely important during the battle against the Warden. Your tank will take significant damage from many of the Warden’s attacks, so healers need to keep a close eye on the tank’s health at all times. It’s also very important that the tank blocks all of the Warden’s Power Attacks. If even one of the Power Attacks is not properly defended against, it could make the fight extremely difficult. Even with the best healers, it’s hard to recover from getting hit by one of the Warden’s Power Attacks.

In addition, the Warden creates large areas of fire throughout the fight. If you have melee damage dealers (DPS), it’s important that the tank moves the Warden out of the fire so the melee DPS can avoid taking damage. If you have a party with ranged DPS, this isn’t as important, but should still be done to ensure the tank isn’t taking extra damage. Beyond this, the Warden will randomly attack party members and use some easily avoidable AoE attacks. With a solid healer, these attacks should not be an issue.

How to Beat Razor Master Erthas

Like every boss in the City of Ash dungeon, Erthas uses AoE fire attacks. Most of them are fairly easy to avoid as long as your party pays attention. However, when Erthas uses a cross-shaped AoE fire attack, it can be much harder to avoid. Save a bit of stamina and roll to avoid this attack if need be.

Ranged DPS have it a little bit easier during this fight because Erthas frequently teleports around the area. It can be frustrating for melee DPS to deal with, but keep an eye on Erthas and follow the boss as he teleports. He will summon a Flame Atronach to help him in battle. When this happens, the DPS should burn it down quickly to avoid any headaches from having to deal with the add and the boss at the same time.

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