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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Best Arena Tips and Strategies

by Prima Games Staff

These tips and strategies for the Arena mode in The Elder Scrolls: Legends will elevate your skills to the next level. Once you’ve spent a bit of time with the game’s campaign, and learned your strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to double down and enter the Arena. One of the most important areas of the game, the Arena is the truest test of strength and strategy. If you’re going to make it here, you’ll need to use everything that you have learned thus far from the story and battle matches that you’ve undergone.

The most important strategy in any game is having the knowledge you need to accomplish things. To gain access to the Arena you must spend 150 gold, or 1 Arena Ticket. You can win back this initial cost and then some depending on how well you do each time you make an Arena run.

Arena Tips and Strategies

Once you understand how the Arena works, it’s time to dive right in. Choose the class style that fits you best, and then build your deck. Deck building is another important step to success, so make sure to always:

Be mindful of your Magicka curve.

Don’t overreach. Make sure your deck is set up for early game, as well as mid and late game encounters. You don’t want to draw a bunch of 7 cost creatures on your second turn, trust us.

Double check cards before adding them.

When you add a card to your deck you can’t swap it out. Make sure you really want that card, and that is it truly helpful.

Check for keyword triggers.

Some cards allow you to receive special bonuses if the top card of your deck is a specific keyword like Intelligence, Agility, and so on. Check your deck to verify your chances of making full use of that card.

Battle to the very end.

After you’ve built your deck, it’s time to dive into your matches. In the Arena you have two options. You can play against AI opponents using the Solo Arena option, or if you’re truly looking for a test of your mettle, head into player versus player matches using the Versus Arena mode.

During Solo Arena players will face off against eight AI opponents and a single boss, whereas the Versus Arena will pit them against nine player controlled enemies. Suffer three losses and you will be kicked from the Arena, resulting in additional charges to regain access.

The sweet smell of victory.

Each successful win you garner will give you the chance to draft an additional card into your deck, as well as rewarded with a prize similar to those you receive after completing story missions. Savor these victories and continue pushing towards total domination in your Arena runs.

If you rush into things, the Arena can feel and look very intimidating. Simply take your time, follow our tips above, and the journey won’t be nearly as rough.

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