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EA FIFA 23 Title Update #13 Available

More patch notes for FIFA 23 ahead of the Champions League Final

by Ashley Anthony

If you, like many FIFA 23 players including myself, have encountered issues with Squad Building Challenges, received inaccurate in-game messages while opening packs in FUT, or experienced other game mode problems, there’s good news. EA has released Title Update #13, which includes patch notes designed to address these issues and provide solutions.

It has only been a couple of weeks since EA announced and installed Title Update 12 and 12.1. But a series of issues and events leading to complaints and bad feedback has forced EA’s hand to come in and sort out more pressing issues, as well as update some cosmetics and general gameplay. 

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The season is drawing to a close in a matter of weeks, and the final game will be played when Manchester City takes on Inter Milan in the Champions League Finals on June 10. En route to the UCL, EA has introduced some new kits, tifos, and more to FIFA 23. Here’s what issues are being addressed and what new is being added.

What’s Included in Title Update #13?

The list of problems is as long as it is with any update. What’s right with FIFA 23 will garner a shorter list. Let’s get into all the fixes and updates for FIFA 23.

EA Will again address the following: 

  • General
  • Audio
  • Visual

Title #13 will also include the following updates in FIFA 23:

  • Various kits
  • Changes Ad boards
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Balls
  • Star heads
  • Tifos

Persistent and Pressing Issues Being Seen To in FIFA 23:

  • They have updated UI elements in UEFA Women’s Champions League matches. A message appeared when launching the title stating that DLC Assets are damaged. The workaround for this is: select and confirm the cancel option on the message and restart FIFA 23.
  • This issue is for PC users only. When attempting to launch FIFA 23 on Windows 11 with Secure Boot turned off, the title does not display a message stating that Secure Boot is required.

What Platforms Will FIFA 23 Title Update #13 be Available On?

As it was in previous updates, there has been no confirmation of when or if the older-gen consoles will be included in the update. They were included in Title Update #12. So it shouldn’t be long before we hear the rest of the console clubs are included in the latest FIFA 23 Title Update #13.

Title Update #13 will soon be available for:

  • PC (EA app/Origin/Steam/Epic Games Store)
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S versions of FIFA 23

That’s all for FIFA 23 updates as of now. These updates have been occurring more regularly over recent months. There have also been a number of issues persisting over the last 24-48 hours. So that means, EA could drop the next Title Update sooner rather than later.

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