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Dying Light – Survive the Night, Get More XP

by Prima Games Staff

Unlike the day, nighttime in Dying Light only lasts several minutes, but it often feels like an eternity while on the run from Volatiles, the game’s fast-moving and near indestructible zombies. You’ll earn a large number of experience points jumping from rooftop to rooftop. That is, if you can avoid getting ripped to shreds by the monsters in hot pursuit, where one wrong move may result in your demise.

This article will help you survive the night in Dying Light. We’ll tell you how to get more XP while sneaking past the Volatiles and other zombies you’ll encounter. Take this advice and you’ll no longer be afraid of the dark.

Tip: Kill one Volatile to unlock the Mouths Wide Open achievement/trophy.  To do this, hang out near a UV trap and shoot the Volatile with an assault rifle. Make sure you have the maximum number of rounds. 

Unlock all of the safe houses 

Look at the mini-map and locate the red house icons. These are potential safe houses that’ll provide non-stop protection from zombies, but first you’ll need to kill whatever undead are nearby, then turn on the power or close a gate; the game will let you know when a safe house is unlocked. Complete these relatively simple objectives and the red house icon will turn green, which means you control it. Now you always have a place to go when things get crazy. This should go without saying, but it’s wise to unlock safe houses during the day. 

While exploring at night, you should never stray too far from the nearest safe house, and know where it is at all times. 

Tip: Throw flares to briefly slow down Volatiles, and use firecrackers to distract these creatures.

Use parkour for XP, within reason 

The game rewards you for staying awake, especially if you’re willing to work for it. Use parkour and you’ll score lots of XP to upgrade the Agility skill tree. Problem is, excessive hopping is bound to attract unwanted attention. 

Here’s what you do. Set off running around the closest safe house and work the perimeter, never straying too far away. Jump between rooftops and cars to score lots of points. We’ve also had success on top of tall buildings, since Volatiles remain mostly on the ground. 

Remember, you’ll need to see the sunset to collect the XP and bonus for surviving. Do not go to sleep at one of the safe houses or you’ll lose everything. 

Tip: Blind 25 Volatiles with the UV flashlight or flares to unlock the Blinded By The Lights achievement/trophy. 

Look at the map 

Volatiles show up on the map as white triangles, and you’ll be able to see their cones of vision. So long as you remain outside of that, you’ll be OK. 

Tip: Shine your UV flashlight at a volatile to confuse the creature, giving you a chance to escape. Similarly, run through UV traps. Volatiles cannot wander through this light, though one or two may try. Keep your distance. 

Don’t run blindly into the dark

The idea here is to use the map in combination with your flashlight to stay alive. Remember, there’s more than Volatiles to worry about. You don’t want to accidentally run into a pack of zombies. 

Tip: Upgrade Kyle Crane’s skills for more health and agility maneuvers, perfect for staying alive at night!  That said, this article lists our favorite perks in the game. 

Beat Dying Light with Primas free walkthrough. Finish every side quest, and use these tips and tricks to outlast the zombie horde.

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