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Dragon Quest Heroes: Side Quests, Treasure Maps

by Prima Games Staff

Yesterday we covered the basic fundamentals of Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below, including how to summon monsters and tips for creating a battle party.

Today we’re expanding on this with side quests and how to find treasure maps to acquire items and open up new areas.

Find treasure maps

Square Enix placed numerous treasure maps into the word, but these valuable item boxes won’t be easy to find. Fortunately the game is gracious enough to give you the first one for free, and then moves on from there with a variety of maps, including the Slime-Splattered Map, the Super-Massive Map and the Laser-Printed Map, among others.

To get the first one – the Singed Map – open your first treasure chest. Be warned, though. Upon doing this, you’ll have to battle a Green Dragon, watching out for its fire attacks while hitting either the creature’s head or tail, the most vital points (similar to the monster you faced in the opening level). Once it’s defeated, check the map and enter a new area.

The second map you’ll pick up comes after defeating the Cyclops a bit later in the game. Once defeated, you’ll move to the highlighted location where you’ll face another Cyclops and gain access to yet another map; they’re all connected in a certain way. For both of these battles, make sure you load up on Magic Power (MP) as much as you can, since stronger attacks will assure an easy victory compared to basic strikes.

Other maps, such as the Slime and Super-Massive maps mentioned earlier come from visiting characters. The postmaster aboard the Airship, for example, will provide you with the Slime map, but you’ll deal with a bunch of smaller Slimes before accessing it.

Most of the maps tie in with an epic battle, whether against a large boss or smaller groups of enemies. However, the payout is worth it because you’ll have more money for items at your home base, including better weapons.

Complete side quests

In most games, side quests usually deviate from the main mission. That said, Dragon Quest Heroes’ side quests have a bit to offer, although you’ll need to collect specific items in order to complete them. Once you do, however, you’ll gain additional money, along with gear for your characters and materials necessary to create new items.

The first mission you’ll come across is titled Improving On Perfection. You’ll be asked to bring three lumps of iron ore to the Airship in order to collect the reward, which in this case is three additional Monster Medal slots, allowing you to summon more creatures. That alone is worth the mission, since more creatures can aid you battle while defending a point on the map. You’ll need to do some looking around to find certain objectives – this one’s located in the city of Caliburgh, where Slime Knights possess the ore – but exploration pays off.

Other side quests open up over the course of the game, so make sure to keep an eye out for them. They provide an ample amount of rewards, ranging from a Bag increase (so you can carry more objects) to Gold Nuggets to alternative outfits for your character.

They aren’t necessary to complete the game – they’re called side quests for a reason – but players looking to get more mileage from their characters and loadouts should take them on. On that note, here are some of the better side quests in the game.

Booted and Suited: In this side quest, you’ll need to protect the Root in Colissea, closing portals to prevent monsters from coming through and flooding the place. Summoning creatures and using an agile character like Zoom will pay off, so make sure you have a balanced party of warriors. You’ll earn a new outfit for Luceus as a result.

To Bag a Bigger Bag: This one takes place in Grannet, with another Root that will need to be guarded. Shutting down the two portals with the monsters coming through should do the trick, but a third will open up that needs to be eliminated. Finishing this mission will result in a huge increase in bag space. We’re talking 100 slots.

Greedy For Ingredients: Someone will request you pick up three Grubby Bandages, which you’ll be able to find in the city of Sylvea. Keep an eye out for Skeleton Soldiers, since they usually carry these bandages. Complete this side quest to increase your bag. This mission will come before To Bag a Bigger Bag, so the space will come in handy before you increase it again.

Keep on the lookout for more Treasure maps!


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