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How to Jump Cancel in Dragon Ball FighterZ

by Bryan Dawson

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been available for a little while now. As people are starting to get more and more comfortable with the game, they’re improving quickly. Learning how to extend combo damage is a big key to winning, and that means learning how to Jump Cancel. This article covers the Dragon Ball FighterZ Jump Cancel technique so you can start getting more damage when you connect with hits! Jump Canceling is a fairly simply technique, but it does take a bit of practice.

Jump Canceling

We briefly covered how to Jump Cancel when we discussed the basics of the combo system, as well as how the game plays. Here we’ll dive into a bit more depth and try to make it easier to understand. Most normal attacks can be Jump Canceled, but it only works to extend a combo if you Jump Cancel once an opponent is in the air. In some cases you’ll hit an opponent out of the air, in which case you can Jump Cancel and continue your combo from there. However, if you start on the ground, the only universal attack that knocks an opponent into the air an allows you to Jump Cancel to extend the combo is crouching Medium Attack.

A Jump Cancel is exactly what it sounds like, you press Up or diagonally Up/Forward during a normal attack in order to immediately jump after the attack. After a crouching Medium Attack to knock an opponent into the air, you want to follow with a standing Medium Attack that you then Jump Cancel. This full notation would be: Down + Medium Attack > Medium Attack > Up/Forward.

Usually you want to use Up/Forward instead of Up because that keeps you closer to the opponent, making it easier to continue the combo. While you can use Up, there are times in which you may be too far from the opponent and you’ll drop the combo.

Practicing Jump Cancels

To practice this, go into Practice mode and set the AI dummy to guard follow-ups. Now start with Down + Medium Attack, followed by Medium Attack, then press Up/Forward. When done correctly you will jump immediately following the Medium Attack. Don’t worry about hitting buttons after the Jump Cancel. You can mash out an attack button just to get the timing down, but first you want to practice the Jump Cancel. Once you have the Jump Cancel down, then you can move on to the follow-up combo.

Air Jump Cancels and Full Combos

With the Jump Cancel down, now you can move on to the combo that follows. Generally speaking you want to follow a Jump Cancel with Light Attack > Medium Attack > Light Attack > Down + Heavy Attack in the air. If you have trouble with this timing, just start with Light Attack > Medium Attack > Down + Heavy Attack.

After the Down + Heavy Attack you want to Super Dash. You can perform an automatic Super Dash by pressing Heavy Attack a second time. After the Super Dash, the easiest follow-up is Light Attack > Light Attack, which is the auto-combo version of Light Attack > Medium Attack. The difference is that using the auto-combo version gives you a bit more height so it’s easier to continue the combo.

At this point you need to perform another Jump Cancel in the air, so the full notation would be: Light Attack > Light Attack > Up/Forward. You can then follow this with Light Attack > Light Attack and finish with either a special move into a super move, or a third Light Attack to knock the opponent to the ground where you can perform a ground super move.

The reason you use the Light Attack auto-combo here is because the full version of the combo (after the Super Dash) is Light Attack > Light Attack > Down + Heavy Attack > Light Attack > Light Attack, then your choice of enders (special move, third Light Attack, etc.). However, the timing on this can be tricky, so if you’re having trouble connecting the whole thing, you can just do Light Attack > Light Attack> Jump Cancel > Light Attack > Light Attack and then whatever ender you want to use.

A complete general combo that works with most characters would look like this:
Down + Medium > Medium > Jump Cancel > Light > Medium > Light > Down + Heavy > Super Dash > Light > Light > Down + Heavy > Jump Cancel > Light > Light > Light > Super Move (back on the ground)

For a more in-depth look at the combo system, be sure to check out the combo guide in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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