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Dragon Ball FighterZ – How to Summon Shenron

by Bryan Dawson

As Dragon Ball fans are gearing up for the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ, new information is being revealed about the game. Alongside the announcement of more characters this month, we also get our first detailed look at the Dragon Ball mechanic in Dragon Ball FighterZ. This article covers what the Dragon Balls do (how the Dragon Balls work), as well as how to summon the dragon with the Dragon Balls in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Of course, information can change, so if anything changes with the mechanic or how to summon the dragon in Dragon Ball FighterZ we’ll be sure to update this article once the game has released.

Dragon Ball Mechanic

By performing specific combos during a match, players will get a single Dragon Ball. At the moment, this is based on auto combos or performing a specific numbers of hits in a combo. For example a 10-hit combo would give you the one star Dragon Ball. Likewise, a 70-hit combo would give you the seven star Dragon Ball. As you perform these combos you will earn Dragon Balls. Alternatively, you can use the Light Attack auto combo (mash Light Attack) and you will get random Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball Combo Hits
1 Star 10-19 Hits
2 Star 20-29 Hits
3 Star 30-39 Hits
4 Star 40-49 Hits
5 Star 50-59 Hits
6 Star 60-69 Hits
7 Star 70+ Hits

It doesn’t matter which player collects the Dragon Balls, or what order they’re collected in. What does matter is what happens after the final Dragon Ball has been collected. In order to summon Shenron, all seven Dragon Balls must be collected, and you need to have seven bars of super meter. If you do not have maximum super meter (seven bars), you will not be able to summon Shenron. With all seven Balls collected and you have seven bars of super meter, perform one last Light Attack auto combo to summon Shenron. Even if the final auto combo is the only thing that player did to help summon Shenron, they will still be the one and only player who will receive the benefits of summoning Shenron.

Once summoned, Shenron will grant you one of four wishes, which you can choose. You can have Shenron heal the current point character to full health, revive a fallen teammate with 20 percent health, add a second Sparking Blast icon (so you can use the ability twice in the match), or regenerate all blue health for your entire team. The wish you select should depend on the current state of the fight. If you only have one team member left, you may want to revive a fallen teammate. If you have all three team members, and lots of blue health, you may want to regenerate all blue health.

Shenron Wishes

  • Restore My Health: Restore your current character to full health.
  • Bring Back My Ally: Revive a lost team member with 50 percent health.
  • Give Me the Ultimate Power: Boost your Ki gauge to maximum (7 bars).
  • Make Me Immortal: Restore 5 percent of your health, and auto-restoration for your super meter.

Right now you cannot disable the Dragon Ball mechanic. The developers have stated they would like to see it used in tournaments, but given the criteria required to summon Shenron it won’t happen often. For more on the game, including how to unlock SSB Goku and Vegeta, check out our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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