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Dragon Ball FighterZ – Failed to Initialize Network Error

by Bryan Dawson

With any online game there are going to be issues at launch if it sells beyodn the developer’s expectations. Many people trying to play Dragon Ball FighterZ have been getting the “Failed to Initialize Network” error message when they try to start the client. This article covers the Dragon Ball FighterZ Failed to Initialize Network error message when the game is not working on PS4 and Xbox One, and how to potentially work around it. It generally only happens during an outage, but you can still play the game even when this error occurs.

Failed to Initialize Network Error

The Failed to Initialize Network error occurs when the client isn’t able to log in to the server so you can select or join a specific lobby. Even though there are offline lobbies (press Y or Triangle after the region select screen), the game won’t let you get far enough to access them. Generally speaking, these issues occur when Xbox Live or PSN are down or having server maintenance, but there is a way around the problem.

To get around the network error issue, disable the internet connection in settings menu of your console, then start the game again. With no internet to be found, the game will ask if you’d like to start playing in an offline lobby and you can continue from there. However, you won’t be notified once the servers are back online. You’ll have to just periodically exit out of the game, turn on your network settings again, and then try to connect to the Dragon Ball FighterZ servers.

In most cases this is a Sony or Microsoft maintenance, but we also know people have been having network issues with the game. Bandai Namco will have the server issues fixed as soon as possible, but in the meantime be sure to check out our coverage of the controls, as well as attacks for each character and universal system mechanics in our Dragon Ball FighterZ game hub!

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