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DOOM Eternal: How to Rebuild the Celestial Locator

by Nicholas Barth

The campaign of DOOM Eternal thrusts players back in the shoes of the Slayer, who must stop the invasion of Hell from destroying all of humanity. This terrifying threat can be prevented if the Slayer can kill all of the Hell Priests who are leading the Invasion from Hell. Players can take down the first Hell Preist in the first mission of the adrenaline-fueled game. However, a Celestial Locator must be used to find the locations of the remaining two Hell Priests. Unfortunately, the Slayer does not have this item and must rebuild it in the third mission of the game.

Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about the Celestial Locator so that you can rebuild it and continue your mission of destroying the demonic forces threatening humanity.

DOOM Eternal Rebuild the Celestial Locator

Exultia is the DOOM Eternal mission where you will have the chance to rebuild the Celestial Locator. Play through the mission until you get the chamber of the Sentinel King. A cutscene will then trigger where the Slayer will acquire the Celestial Locator. However, you will need to rebuild it further for it to operate correctly by powering it up.

Continue making your way through the Exultia mission up until the point where a new cutscene will trigger. The Betrayer will be waiting for you and will ultimately provide a power core. This power core from the Betrayer will be the final piece needed to rebuild the Celestial Locator. 

 Doom Eternal Rebuild the Celestial Locator

There will be one last encounter with a group of demons as you make your way to the very end of the Exultia mission. Defeat these demonic enemies, and a portal to your fortress will open up. You will then be able to get back to your ship and hook up this item to locate the final two Hell Priests. 

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