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DOOM Eternal Demon Prison – Everything You Need to Know

by Nicholas Barth

There is a wide array of different activities that players can experience in the world of DOOM Eternal. One of these activities is the Demon Prison, which allows players to try out newly acquired abilities and weapons without the fear of failing a mission. Luckily, we have everything you need to know about the first-person shooter’s Demon Prison covered for you. 

DOOM Eternal Demon Prison

You can access the Demon Prison by making your way down to the lower level of your ship and taking the lift down to this area. This area allows players to fight the demonic forces of Hell without having to worry about dying or using resources like extra lives or ammo, which makes it a superb practice arena for you to test out your arsenal. New enemies will be available for players to fight in the Demon Prison the farther they progress through the game’s main story. 

Doom Eternal Demon Prison

Once you have entered this area, you can let loose and rain down your power on all of the enemies that lurk in this practice arena. We suggest heading to this location whenever you get a new weapon, ability, weapon mod, etc.. to test it out and make sure you know exactly how it works before going into a mission. There is nothing worse than dying in a task because you did not know how to use something properly. 

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