There are plenty of exciting missions that players will experience when they dive into the world of DOOM Eternal. One of these action-packed missions is called Infiltrate the Cultist Base, where players must make their way through a dangerous fortress. One particular section will require you to obtain a key to continue through where you need to go at this level. Fortunately, we have the location of the Cultist Key covered for you.

DOOM Eternal Cultist Key Location

The location of this item will be found following your first encounter with the formidable Mancubus enemy in the game. Destroy all of the enemies in this hallway and then make your way down the hall towards the waypoint. Go through the open door on the right.

Doom Eternal Cultist Key Location

 You will then need to shoot the green light, which will open up the pathway to a climate wall. Jump and dash your way to the climbable wall and then up to the next location where enemies are found.

Doom Eternal Cultist Key Location

Kill these enemies and use the jump pad to the next level. Use the yellow bar to jump onto the moving crate. The Cultist Key location will then be right in front of you. All that you need to do ride on the container to the Cultist Key location and claim the item. 

Doom Eternal Cultist Key Location

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