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Doggo Fortnite Epic Outfit – How to Get This

by Ginny Woo

Now’s about the time to get decked out in some festive gear when it comes to Fortnite. There’s been a bit of chatter on the official Twitter about some cool outfits that players can access. If you were wondering how we felt about dogs here at Prima, well, the fact that we’ve got this guide on getting the Doggo Fortnite Epic outfit should make things clear. We bloody love pups.

Doggo Fortnite Epic Outfit – How to Get This

If you’re not sure what the Doggo outfit looks like or why we would want it, well, check out this tweet from the official account below.

We’re talking about a whip smart look that you can pair with plenty of festive holiday accessories, including what looks like Ham and a whole bunch of giftwrap. The hoodie that you get to don is particularly fashionable in our opinion, right down to the detailing around the cuffs and the built-in pocket, and it only gets better with some festive styles.

If you’re wondering how much this outfit is going to set you back by, or how to get it, the answer is pretty simple. You can pick it up in the Item Shop this season at the price of 1500 V-Bucks. This outfit is part of the wider group of the Grumble Gang collection, which includes other canine accessories which we reckon are a good fit for your Christmas season Battle Royale drip. When we figure out when Winterfest 2019 actually kicks off, putting together looks is gonna be way easier.

Now that you know how to get the Doggo Fortnite Epic outfit, you can start planning how to best spend your V-Bucks. Too bad we aren’t staring down the barrel of any last-minute fashion offers as the seasons change, but hey. We’ll take what we can get. Need a hand with anything else in Fortnite? Check out the following tips and tricks that we’ve put together for you:

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