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Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Photo Mode? – Answered

Wizards learned how to turn people into frogs before learning how to take a picture

by Patrick Souza
Hogwarts Legacy Photo Mode

A journey in the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is bound to be memorable, so taking photos to keep those special moments recorded forever is a nice thing to do. But does Hogwarts Legacy allows you to do so easily? C’mon, they can literally use magic. Why wouldn’t they take pictures? There should be a Photo Mode in the game, right?

Is There a Photo Mode in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Unfortunately, there’s no Photo Mode in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s not that surprising, considering that the magical portraits were always paintings and not pictures. Cameras were already invented in the late 1800s (the year the game is set), but it seems that Hogwarts just didn’t have enough funds to buy some for the students.

Okay, being serious now. While the developers didn’t implement a Photo Mode immediately, it doesn’t mean that it cannot arrive in later updates. No DLCs were officially announced yet, but such a simple addition would probably be patched into the game for free.

But even without a proper Photo Mode, you can just take regular screenshots to save your special moments or record cool moments, and the game even allows you to hide the HUD elements to do so. 

In order to clean your screen from those UI elements, pause the game and head to the Settings tab. Select the last icon on the left side to open the User Interface Options. Here, you can turn off every single HUD element for taking a perfect screenshot. Just don’t forget to turn every single option back after you’re done with your improvised photography session and you’re good.

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While that’s not the best way possible, it’s the only way to take clean screenshots by now, so you might wanna get used to it for a while. Hopefully, the wizards will soon discover the magical secrets of proper muggle photography, and a Photo Mode will be added. And Prima Games will be sure to let you know when that happens.

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