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Does Fall Guys Have Crossplay?

by Liana Ruppert

Does Fall Guys have crossplay is the biggest question players are asking right now. With Fall Guys being free on PlayStation 4 and quickly becoming the top game over on Steam, you’d think this bad boy had some crossplay action. Unfortunately, for now, the answer isn’t going to make you happy – but the good news is that this could change in the future. 

Does Fall Guys Have Crossplay? 

At this time, Fall Guys does not have crossplay compatibility between consoles and PC, though the team did mention that the actual player count has absolutely trounced what they were expecting, so new features, support, and more are on the way thanks to this game’s immense success. 

Fall Guys crashed onto the scene as an adorable battle royale game that features Mario Galaxy-esque mini games and honestly? It’s just pure delight. It’s cute, it’s wildly addictive, it’s fun, and it’s promised to put a smile on your face as you waddle about as a giant jelly bean. This game is exactly what we needed in 2020 and it’s because of that success that we hope that the studio considers crossplay in future updates because the concurrent player count is off the charts. 

Now in the top spot on Twitch, Fall Guys has already crashed the top 20 spot on Steam as well. This adorable little free-for-all is also one of the free games for the month of August over on PlayStation 4, which also helps people dive right in with the fun. 

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Fall Guys is available now on PC and PlayStation 4! You can catch up on other jelly bean goodness with our game hub right here. Be sure to also share your thoughts on this adorable new adventure over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we are especially looking for sweet clips of wins so we can live vicariously through our community because we still suck. 

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