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Do PS4 Accessories Work on PS5?

by Lucas White

Backwards compatibility has slowly become a big deal again in gaming, and that isn’t just for bringing your older games up to newer hardware. For obvious reasons, a lot of gamers out there also want to know if their accessories and peripherals will be compatible with their new systems. Headsets and controllers are only getting more expensive, after all. To address this matter, Sony released some information answering that exact question for the PS4 to PS5 transition, albeit the company is really only able to address first-party tech. With that in mind, here’s what we know so far.

PS4 Accessories on PS5 – What Works and What Doesn’t

First of all, it’s important to note that the PlayStation 5 will have some form of PS4 backwards compatibility included. We know that, at least at launch, a number of PS4 games will be playable, and that number will grow over time. So in that respect, you can expect all your relevant PS4 equipment to work as expected. Your DualShock 4 and licensed third-party controllers, your headsets, and your PlayStation VR gear will all function with backwards-compatible games no problem.

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When it comes to keeping stuff and using it with native PS5 content, there’s a bit more nuance. And of course by nuance, I mean bad news for those of you ballin’ on a budget. The big one there is the DualShock 4, which will not work with PS5 software. Any PS5 games will require the new DualSense controller, due to (per Sony) the new controller’s unique feature set. That’s a bummer, but on the good news side, any “specialty peripherals” should work. That includes things like racing wheels, fight sticks, so on and so forth. Headsets that connect via USB or audio jack should also work, although the existing headset companion app won’t. 

A weird one is the PlayStation Camera. We know a new one is coming for PS5, but if you have the old one, you’ll be able to use it for PSVR games. A free adapter will be available, although Sony hasn’t dispersed details on how that works yet. 

Finally, of course, all this information comes with the caveat that every officially-branded device isn’t guaranteed to work. Sony can speak to its own gear, and suggests folks go through the process of figuring out what works on a per-manufacturer basis.

Do you have any devices you’ve used with your PS4 that you’re really hoping you won’t need to replace PS5? Are you planning on waiting to see what the deal with the camera adapter is before considering the new PS5 version? Let us know what you think of this information over on the Prima Games Facebook and Twitter channels.