Disney Lorcana Rarity Guide: Card Rarities Explained

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Disney Lorcana Card Rarities Featured

Card rarity is a trademark for most TCGs, and Disney Lorcana is no exception to this. The various cards containing heroes and villains from many different franchises have varying rarities between them, which can often translate directly into more power.

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All Disney Locarna Card Rarities Explained

Card rarity is pretty much exactly what it sounds like it is. Every Lorcana card has a rarity, which shows how common it is to get that card from a pack. The rarer the card, the lower the chances of getting it in a single pack. The game has six different rarities, containing cards of all inks and types in each.

  • Common.
  • Uncommon.
  • Rare.
  • Super Rare.
  • Legendary.
  • Enchanted.

They can be identified by the small symbol at the bottom of the card, with Common cards being simple circles and Enchanted cards having rainbow colors. Promo cards have a special unique symbol below them, indicating their origin.


The most regular, everyday cards you’ll see in literally every pack you open. Out of 12 cards in a booster, six of them are guaranteed to be Common cards, so you can get enough of these (and copies, if you want) in no time.


Slightly rarer than Common, but still pretty much the same thing. Three out of 12 cards in a booster will always be Uncommon, so while they’re harder to come by, it isn’t difficult either.


Things start to get interesting here. Two cards out of 12 in the booster can be Rare or better, and their effects are usually stronger from here. Harder to find compared to lower rarities, but still nothing impossible.

Super Rare

The rarer-than-rare cards. They’re also occasionally found in a booster in those two out of 12 cards that are Rare or higher, and have stronger effects compared to most of the other cards.


The second-highest rarity. There’s always a chance to find one of them in those two out of 12 cards with boosted rarity. True to their names, they have some of the best effects and most beautiful artwork out of every card in Lorcana.


Enchanted cards are a special rarity. Only one can be found in a 12-card pack, and there are only 12 of them in each set. They don’t take the “rare or higher” card spots, appearing as the pack’s Foil card instead (meaning that a booster can, theoretically, give you a Legendary and an Enchanted). If it’s not obvious yet at this point, these are the rarest cards in the game, and their effects are often worth the effort of getting them.


An even more special rarity that’s usually a reprint (sometimes with new art) of another card, but distributed in very limited ways through events and such. This immediately skyrockets its market value, making those definitely the rarest cards of all. Their value is usually more symbolic as they’re very hard to come by.

These are all the rarities you can find in a pack and, if you’re lucky, in an occasional event around your country. Some of these are just incredibly hard to come by, so consider yourself lucky if you got a Promo card. They go well with that equally rare Beast playmat.

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