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Dishonored 2: Death to the Empress – Take Down Delilah

by Prima Games Staff

You’ve made it through the past eight chapters of Dishonored 2, and now it is finally time to enact your vengeance upon your enemies. In this guide we will walk you through the final chapter and tell you everything you need to know to complete this chapter without shedding blood.

Making Your Way Through Dunwall Streets

You begin in Dunwall once more, but the streets are a lot worse off than they were last time you were here. Several Wolfhounds wander around the area aimlessly, so be careful and keep your Crossbow out so you can take them out if they come to close. There’s a Rune hidden in the docks, use your Heart to find it. You’ll also bump into the Black Market while looking for the Rune, so take a moment to peruse their goods and see if anything is worth picking up.

Head back out of the Black Market and detour over to search the boats that have come ashore in the harbor. This is a good way to get some additional cash to spend at the Black Market if you don’t plan on robbing the place blind. Return to the main street and move between a set of broken gates on the side of the road. There’s a Wolfhound ahead, so take it out before continuing forward.

Keep an eye out for a building marked with a sign that reads ‘Boyles’ while you move forward. The front door is blocked, so you’ll need to sneak around to the back. There are a couple of thugs back here, so knock them out and then head inside the building.

Inside Boyles you’ll find another group of people busy looking for loot. Take them out carefully, then grab any money left lying around. With the criminals down, and the money looted, head back out of the building and into the Dunwall Courier. There’s a small alley off to the side, so you’ll need to enter from here since the main doorway is blocked off. Climb over the pile of debris in the alley and enter the side entrance of the Courier to find the editor inside, at the top of the building. Chat with the old fellow, the head back outside and get back on the street.

Follow the main street towards Dunwall Tower. If you purchased the City Watch Armory Key from the Black Market then you can enter the small building near the end of the street. There are some goodies inside, so grab them if you want them. There is also a door to Coldridge Canal, but you shouldn’t use it quite yet if you want to grab all the stuff in this area. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the loot out of the first part of this chapter, head to the door and make your way to Coldridge Canal.

Going this way puts you directly outside of Dunwall Tower. This is also one of the least guarded ways to approach the tower, which puts you at a good advantage, especially when moving for a Low Chaos playthrough. Swim ahead and hop onto the small landing to your right. Then you’ll need to jump and use Far Reach to move up the canal and reach the top of the walls. Once at the top, crouch and take a look around the area. Use Dark Vision to spot two Witches and a couple of Gravehound skills lying on the ground. You want to avoid this area at all costs.

Instead of going that way, turn and hop off of the wall and look for a small opening to your right, down at ground level. There are some pipes you can jump onto that will allow you access to a greenhouse with several Witches inside it, so be careful as you move forward and out the door on the far end. You’ll have to sneak through two large groups of enemy troops on either side, so carefully push forward until you reach the parapets. Hop over the wall and onto the hill at the bottom. You can find a Bonecharm using your Heart. That’s also the direction you’ll want to travel right now.

Off to your right you should spot the gazebo from the beginning of the first game. Head towards it to avoid a patrolling Witch and Gravehound. It is a bit longer to past by this way, but it is a lot safer than the alternative. If you look out over the far wall of the gazebo you should be able to see a Painting on the lower terrace. You can grab it, if you want, but make sure to take out the three Gravehound skulls with your Crossbow first.

Pull out your Heart to locate another Bonecharm and then move towards the building where it is located. You may recognize it as the same channel lock from the first game. Approach it stealthily and carefully, as there is a Witch nearby. Don’t bother with her. She can’t see you if you aren’t careless, so head onto the walkway to the right of the building to keep progressing.

Follow the walkway to the back of the building and use your Dark Vision to spot a Witch ahead, watching this side of the structure. Wait for her to twist around, and then jump up and take her out silently. Grab the Bonecharm and then return to the gazebo and sneak left, along the walls towards a pump room. There’s a Rune inside, but several Witchers block the way. Take them out, then grab the Rune and exit the room via the window in the upper corner. Use Far Reach to hop onto a walkway above the tower’s entrance, and then enter the tower to move on.

Search the Overseer Chapel

Your next goal is to search the Overseer Chapel within Dunwall Tower. There are two Witches to your left, but they aren’t guarding anything important, so move past them and over the debris ahead. Take out the Gravehound skill close to the dead Overseer, then claim the goodies from the corpse nearby. Move up the steps at the back of the room and look for the way forward. There is also a statue of Delilah here. You can chat with her if you’d like, however doing so will alert her to your presence, making the final part of the chapter harder to accomplish. Because of this, you should avoid all of the Delilah statues in throughout the rest of the chapter.

Sneak through the next hallway to find more enemies. There are quite a lot of them spread out throughout the area, so be careful. Open up the door that is directly ahead to find a music room. There’s another statue, so steer clear while you search the room. Move back out into the hallway when you’re ready and explore the remaining areas to find some more collectibles and items.

The banquet hall lies ahead. It looks like everyone inside is dead, but don’t be fooled. A Clockwork Soldier watches the hall, and there are Witches scattered among the dead, just watching for any movement.

Instead of moving through the banquet hall, head right in the hallway and into the kitch. Listen carefully, and make use of your Dark Vision to spot two Witches. Wait for them to split up and move away from each other. Use a Sleep Dart on the one in the room, then sneak up behind the other and knock her out, too. Crouch and move through the window on the left end of the kitche, and move towards the corner of the building slowly. There are two Witches watching the outer hallway, so stick to the kitchen and pantry area to avoid them.

Use your Shadow Walk to slip psat the Witches and a Clockwork Soldier, then head down the steps to a security room with a Rune and a series of Whale Oil receptacles. Take the empty Whale Oil Tank from the corner and fill it using the receptacles by activating the level on the right. Once it is full, grab it, and then load it into the empty receptacle to reactivate the power.

A duo of Witches will come down to investigate, but they’ll split up in the process. Use Shadow Walk and move past them and up the steps and then towards the chapel in the back corner of the building. Read the Note and listen to the Audiograph in the chapel, then grab two pieces of Dried Algae, Pugments, and a Skull from the area. These items are needed to refuse Delilah and her Spirit, so don’t miss out on grabbing them. Combine them altogether to make a Corrupt Rune.

Take on Delilah

After collecting everything you want, head towards the waypoint to find the Throne Room. To get there, find the main doors and turn right, through a small room, where you will find an elevator. Call it, kill the Gravehound that rides down with it. Once the Gravehound is dead, move into the elevator and ride it up to continue.

Continue following the waypoint into the throne room and break down the boards over the entrance. Delilah will be busy painting, unless you talked to any of her statues throughout level. If you talked to her then you will walk in to find her and several Gravehounds ready for your arrival.

If you talked to any of Delilah’s statues, take out the Gravehounds as quickly as possible with your Crossbow, then use the Heart on Delilah.

If you didn’t talk with any of the statues, crouch and sneak up behind Delilah while she works on the painting, and then use the Heart. This will trigger a cutscene that ends with Delilah moving into her painting. Don’t follow just yet, though. Instead, approach the throne and use the Corrupt Rune you made earlier to alter it. Once that is done, head into the painting after Delilah to confront her.

Many replicas of Delilah are hidden throughout the painted version of the Throne Room. Sneak around behind them and choke them out to remain undetected. So long as you choke them all out from behind you will be able to avoid becoming detected, allowing you to find the real Empress without causing any trouble.

Find the real Delilah and take her down. If you went for the Low Chaos playthrough by following our guide, then you’ll knock her out and be able to pick her up. Carry her back out of the painting and place her on the throne. Then, interact with the statue of Corvo and a cutscene will carry you through the end of the game.

Now that you’ve completed the story for Dishonored 2, and beaten the game with a Low Chaos rating, head back to our Dishonored 2 walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and collectible guides to help you find all the items hidden throughout the Empire of Isles.

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