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Dig or Die Survival Tips and Tricks

by Josh Hawkins

If you’re just getting started in Dig or Die, then you’re probably going to find yourself struggling, as the game begins to throw tons of stuff at you early on. You won’t be alone in needing a few Dig or Die tips and tricks to help along the way. There are several things you should know to help you survive as long as possible. We’ll show you a few helpful Dig or Die tips and tricks, which you can use to survive longer and make it further in the game.

Dig Deep and Barricade Yourself

Enemies in Dig or Die will flock to your location once the sun goes down and making sure you’re ready for the fight ahead is going to be very important if you wantto survive and live long enough to continue progressing. There are a few things you can do to really set yourself up for success and digging deep into the earth is a good way to get started. Enemies will need to destroy other blocks to get to you, so barricading your base with additional walls will always be a good step in the right direction.

Beware of the Rain

One of the coolest mechanics in Dig or Die is the way that game handles rain and water. Unlike most games of this sort, rain creates puddles, which can fill up holes if it is allowed to build up, so you will want to make sure that your base is set up so that water from the rain isn’t going to flow down into it. You can do this by creating rooftops using walls and things, which will make it easier to have a more detailed base that can’t be flooded by the rain.

Use Turrets and Upgrade Quickly

Right off the bat you’re going to want to make use of your auto turrets as much as possible. Having plenty of these can make a huge difference between living or dying as you try to survive the night in Dig or Die. Make sure you set up pathways for enemies to aggro down, and then set up turrets at the end to keep them funneled into a death trap. It’s a great way to take out enemies without breaking much of a sweat.

Be Prepared

On top of setting up your base to avoid enemies, you’ll also want to stock up on things like Wood Walls and Health Potions. These items will make your life so much easier in the long run, so being able to stay alive and heal yourself will be paramount as enemies begin to break through your defenses. Don’t be afraid to overstock, as you’ll always have a use for more Health Potions.

Now that you know these helpful tips, take a look at our other Dig or Die guides for more helpful information and strategies to help you survive.


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