Diablo 4: Mutterlock Chests Explained

Not so silent chests.

Mutterlock Chest Diablo 4
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One of the rarest chests in Diablo 4 is the Mutterlock Chest, and there is a good chance that most players have never seen one, so knowing how to open them can be completely alien. If you are too hasty to grab your loot, you might just lose the chest, so I’ll explain exactly how to open the Mutterlock on your first try.

How to Open Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4

To open a Mutterlock Chest, you must select the correct phrase when the container prompts you. Anytime that you interact with one of these chests, there will be eight different phrases that you can select. Choosing the right one will cause the container to pop open and throw all your newfound loot on the ground in Diablo 4.

However, choosing the wrong phrase will cause the chest to lock indefinitely, so you need the correct phrase on the first try. There will be three stones scattered around the area that have one part of the phrase you need. Finding all three will provide you with the right solution. Then you can head back and open the Mutterlock without any issues.

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Where to Find Mutterlock Chests in Diablo 4

You can find Mutterlock Chests within dungeons in Diablo 4, but encountering them is incredibly rare. Most people end up finding these in Nightmare Dungeons, and there is no way to guarantee that they will show up at all. These work similarly to Silent Chests, which are found around the open world of Sanctuary.

Unlike the Silent Chests, you don’t need any keys, and just the correct phrase. The hardest part is simply finding one of these chests in the first place. Simply seeing one requires plenty of luck on its own.

If you want to keep grinding out locations for a chance at the Mutterlock, try Sarat’s Lair for an easy location in Diablo 4.

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