Diablo 4 July 20 Update: Full Patch Note Listed

One last set of patch notes before the big reveal

With Season One knocking on the gates to hell, of course we have one more set of patch notes. But this isn’t the leviathan we had on July 18, so get ready for a quick read. Here’s Diablo 4’s patch notes for July 20, all details listed.

Diablo 4 July 20 Update: Full Patch Note Listed

If you attended the Developer Chat that went out a few weeks ago, you likely knew that there was another set of patch notes set to go out today. And after the huge community outcry that July 18 patch notes brought, you might be hoping that some nerfs have been reversed. I’m sorry to say that’s not the case. We’ll have to wait until the next Developer Update on July 21 to find out how the team will approach that. Instead, we only have two new modifications to the game:

Gameplay Updates

Season of the Malignant


  • Malignant Hearts will now always grant armor that directly maps with their item power.

World Tiers

  • Removed the level requirement for World Tiers III and IV.

And… yeah! That’s really it. The update to Malignant Hearts is new, and it’s likely a reaction to player annoyance at being one shot in Nightmare Dungeons. But the World Tier level requirement removal was something that was announced a few days earlier.

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If you’re wondering if they fixed the Helltide Cinder drops, they did in a hotfix that went out yesterday. We still don’t have an update on when Nightmare Dungeon loot drops will be fixed. So if you’re experiencing this bug, know that you’re not alone.

Malignant Hearts might be our answer to the mega nerfs we received. However, did you know there are 32 of them? With each class having their own unique four? Find out more about each of these Malignant Heats here: All Malignant Hearts in Diablo 4 Listed.

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