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Diablo 4 Battle Pass Explained – Everything We Know

What's in the pass?

by Nikola L

Battle Passes, Battle Passes… What would we do without them? The feeling is that this FOMO mechanic is there to artificially keep us attached to the game more than we would want to in order to grind anything, and gives us the incentive to pour additional money into the game to support this practice the developers of the game. Blizzard promised that Diablo 4 will not be pay-to-win, like the corrupted and twisted distant cousin Diablo Immortal, and that the real-money shop will only allow you to buy cosmetics.

But, enough bashing of Blizzard for now, they are not the only ones guilty of this practice. And on the plus side, this Battle Pass doesn’t look bad at all in hindsight.

In this article, Prima Games goes over everything we know about Diablo 4 Battle Pass so far. Diablo 4 will inevitably release on June 6, 2023, somewhat symbolizing “666” (they should have worked on the game faster so that it gets released during 2022 for the 2+0+2+2 sequence which would consist the third 6, but hey, Slayer did a concert on June 6, 2006 back in the day, so we can say that at least someone did it). But, enough of demonic numerals.

What is in the Diablo 4 Season Pass?

Like in most Battle Passes (or Season Passes), there are two separate tiers, tracks, sections, or parts, however, you want to call them. The free one, and the paid one.

The free Battle Pass will, naturally, be free to everyone. Gradually, you will keep unlocking cool stuff, like everyone else. However, if you want to switch to a Premium (Paid) Battle Pass and earn the Premium rewards as well, you are most welcome to do it. The free Battle Pass will give you some power boosts which should help you and your characters progress through the game, such as an XP boost.

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The paid Battle Pass will cost $10. If you are bored with how your characters look, go for it, and then flex your suits around the city.

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How Long Does the Battle Pass Last in Diablo 4?

Unless developers change their minds, the Battle Pass is going to last about three months. Developers have good faith that you can complete the Battle Pass in about 75 hours (there will be people who will find ways to make this faster, guaranteed).

From 11:25, and 42:35 in the below video, Diablo 4 Developers discuss the Battle Pass, so you can hear them directly if you are in the mood. They are being very secretive and vague at the moment, which is probably for the best.

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