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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – How to Get Praxis Points

by Prima Games Staff

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided charges headfirst into the conspiracy that began evolving at the end of the first game. Adam Jensen, the ex-cop from Detroit who was turned into an augmented killing machine, is back again, and this time he has a ton of new cool toys to play with. Of course, if you want to unlock all these items you’re going to need a lot of Praxis Points. That’s why this guide will teach you how to get more Praxis Points in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, so you can unlock all of your augmentations.

Earning Them

The simplest way to get more Praxis Points is to earn them by leveling your character up. You can level Jensen by completing objectives in the game for main missions, side missions, and even by exploring the world around you. You can also earn experience for successfully hacking terminals, and lock picking doors. Be sure to hack every additional node you can when doing the hacking mini-game, as unlocking more nodes will net your additional experience that you can use to earn even more Praxis Points. This means you’ll need to keep moving and exploring the game world if you want to earn the greatest amount of Praxis Points you can. We suggest trying to hack every terminal you find, as well as searching hard to reach areas for items like Triangle Codes and eBooks, which can be collected for more experience.

Complete Deus Ex: Go

The most round-about way to earn Praxis Points is to pick up the latest Square Enix mobile game, Deus Ex: Go. In this game you’ll need to complete puzzles and different scenarios to continue down through a Hitman: Go like experience. To help tie the mobile game into the main experience, Square have released some details that allow players to earn even more Praxis Points by completing key events in Deus Ex: Go. We’ve listed them below.

  • Complete the Story Mode.
  • Clear every level with the Mastermind status.
  • Complete the first set of a weekly puzzle.
  • Complete the second set of a weekly puzzle.

Completing any of these events will reward the player with an additional Praxis Kit, which can be redeemed for Praxis Points in the main Deus Ex game. This means players have the option of acquiring five additional Praxis Points, which will make upgrading their arsenal easier as they progress through the game.

Find Praxis Kits

Praxis Kits are like the Holy Grail of Praxis Points. These items can be found hidden throughout the many levels of the game, as well as at many vendors that have set up shop around Prague and the other social areas of the game. Of course, we’ve already written a guide to find all the Praxis Kits, so be sure to head over for help finding them.

Praxis Kits are a great way to reward players with additional Praxis Points, as they give players a reason to expand and explore the world around them. Meticulous amounts of detail have been put into bringing Prague to life in Adam Jensen’s world, so the fact that the developers have worked so hard on the environments should be enjoyed while looking for these cool collectibles.

Those are the three best ways to obtain more Praxis Points. As we stated earlier, these upgrade unlocking items are very important to the game’s progression, and players will want to do everything that they can to find as many Praxis Points as they can. Praxis points can be earned several different ways, like leveling up, using Praxis Kits, and by completing key events in the Deus Ex: Go mobile game. You can also find Praxis Kits, which are hidden throughout the game world, and use them to unlock additional Praxis Points.

Finding and acquiring more Praxis Points will be key to your experience in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Because of the experience based nature of Jensen’s leveling, be sure to explore, hack, and collect every item that you find in the game, as it could lead to additional Praxis Points. This is the only way you’ll be able to unlock new augmentations, so don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and find hidden areas in your missions.

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