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Detroit: Become Human – How to Get 100% Completion in Partners

by Josh Hawkins

In Partners for Detroit: Become Human, players have quite a few different optional items that they can find. Getting 100% completion in Partners will require you to replay the chapter multiple times. The good news is, none of the items are too difficult to find in order to score 100% completion in Partners, you’ll just need to pay attention. This article will quickly show you how to get 100% completion in Partners for Detroit: Become Human, as well as how to get both endings of the chapter.

Spoiler warning – This walkthrough contains heavy spoilers for Partners, one of the main chapters in Detroit: Become Human. Do not continue reading if you wish to experience the game without any kind of spoilers.                    

Partners – 100% Completion

As with many chapters in Detroit: Become Human, players can unlock multiple endings. That’s part of what makes each walkthrough unique for players. Partners has two endings that players can unlock. We’ll outline how to get each ending below, as well as go over all of the optional markers you can unlock on your flowchart.

In the Bar

Head inside Jimmy’s bar and look around for LT. Anderson. Complete these tasks before you leave.

Face Scan Customers

Scan the faces of the bar’s customers before you scan Hank’s face to get this marker.

Spill Hank’s Drink

Choose to spill Hank’s drink on him to get him to go to the crime scene.

Wait Outside

Choose to wait outside to get Hank to go to the crime scene.

Buy Him Another Drink

Get in Hank’s good graces and buy him another drink before you go to the crime scene.

Crime Scene

Once you arrive at the crime scene, the flowchart has a lot of options you’ll need to hit. Here’s how to get them.

Examine the Eden Club Flyer

Look for the Eden Club Flyer on the table.

Examine Chair

Head to the kitchen and look at the turned over chair.

Analyze Red Ice

Examine the Red Ice near the television.

Analyze Baseball Bat

Look at the baseball bat and analyze the clues on it in the kitchen.

Reconstruct the Assault with the Bat

After gathering the clues, replay the assault with the bat on the android.

Analyze Carlos’ Body

Look for the victim’s body in the living area and examine it for clues.

Reconstruct Carlos’ Last Moments

Replay the last moments of the victim’s life to piece together the crime.

Sample Blood

Sample the blood on the floor to learn it’s Carlos’.

Open Closet

Look in Carlos’ closet for clues.

Read Android Sex/Android Spy

Read the magazine on the table.

Analyze Missing Knife

Examine the missing knife in the kitchen.

Analyze Knife

Examine the bloody knife on the floor.

Analyze Blood on Walls

Examine the blood splatters on the wall of the house.

Check Shower

Look inside the shower to find some writing and a statue.

Examine Statue

Examine the statue in the shower to unlock conversation options in The Interrogation.

Hank Wants to Go

Wait too long and Hank will try to leave.

Ask for More Time

Happens automatically if Hank tries to leave.

Hank Refuses

Hank refuses to stay if you do not have a good relationship with him.

Hank Accepts

If your relationship with Hank is good, he’ll give you more time.

Hank Ends Investigation

Hank refuses to stick around and ended the investigation. Leads to Crime Unsolved ending.

Investigate Writing

Investigate the writing on the wall to learn more about it.

Analyze the Backyard

Check out the backyard area to learn the Deviant didn’t escape that way.

Out of Time

You ran out of time and didn’t solve the crime. Leads to Crime Unsolved ending.

Connor Knows What Happened

Found all of the evidence and solved the crime.

Reconstruct the Crime

Rebuild the crime piece by piece with LT. Anderson.

Fail to Reconstruct the Crime

Answer wrongly when Hank asks you how the crime went down. Leads to Crime Unsolved ending.

Partners – All Endings

As we said earlier in this article, there are two endings you can get in this chapter. Here’s what you need to know.

Found Deviant Ending

This ending can be reached by finding all of the evidence and reconstructing the scene of the crime. Once you’ve reconstructed the scene, follow the trail of blue blood to the attic and head upstairs. Here you will find the Deviant android waiting in the attic.

Crime Unsolved Ending

You can achieve this ending by failing to reconstruct the crime scene and by running out of time with Hank.

You can continue on tohow to get 100% completion in Stormy Night or head back to our Detroit: Become Human walkthrough for more information and strategy related content.

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