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Destiny: The Taken King – Infusing Weapons and Armor

by Bryan Dawson

Infusing gear is a big part of Destiny: The Taken King. This article covers everything you need to know to infuse weapons and armor to ensure the infusion is successful. By following the tips provided you can raise your Light level and unlock more difficult activities through the benefits of strategic gear infusion.

Reasons to Infuse Gear

The main reason to infuse gear is to increase the Attack or Defense rating and boost the Light level of a specific item. This enables you to use an item that originally had lower Attack and Defense and still get the same results as higher-level gear.

In a previous article we walked you through the process of unlocking the Void Edge sword. This is the perfect example of why you should infuse. The Void Edge starts with an Attack rating of 220, which is well below what is considered competitive in The Taken King.

To increase the Attack rating of the Void Edge, find another Heavy Weapon with a higher Attack rating, such as the Machine Gun (255 Attack). You can then infuse the Machine Gun into the Void Edge to increase the Attack value of the Void Edge. While in most cases the Void Edge won’t hit 255 attack with a single Infusion, you will see a significant boost in Attack power.

Requirements for Infusing Gear

There are a few key points you need to keep in mind when determining two pieces of gear are compatible to Infuse.

  • The infused gear must have lower Attack or Defense rating than the dismantling gear.
  • The dismantling gear must have a higher Attack or Defense rating than the infused gear.
  • The dismantling gear must be unlocked and unequipped.
  • Both items must be from the same Year.
  • Both items must be for the same slot, (Heavy Weapons for example).

Resources for Infusing Gear

Before you get too far into infusing gear, keep in mind it can be expensive. Using our Void Edge example, we spent 250 Glimmer, 10 Weapon Parts, 1 Mote of Light and 3 Legendary Marks during the infusion process. This quickly adds up when you need to infuse an item multiple times. To help make sure you spend your resources wisely, plan ahead and only Infuse gear that you plan to use for a considerable amount of time.

Infusing Weapons or Armor

The first step to infuse an item is to place the item in your active slot as you can see in the screenshots here. To stick with our Void Edge example, make sure it’s placed in the Heavy slot once you’re ready to begin the infusion process. Once that’s done, select another weapon with a higher Attack rating, which was the Machine Gun for our example.

With both weapons ready to go, make sure they’re from the same year. For example, if both items have a Taken King symbol in the upper right corner of the thumbnail, you’re good to go. At this point, make sure the higher-level item is not locked and can indeed be dismantled, although you shouldn’t dismantle it just yet.

Hover over the equipped Weapon you’re planning to Infuse and open the Details menu for the item. In the lower left corner you should see the Infuse option and the requirements necessary to perform the process. If you have everything you need, press the button to Select and begin the process.

On the next screen there will be a warning that summarizes everything we just covered and displays the Weapons you can dismantle during the Infusion process. Select the weapon you want to dismantle and select the option to Dismantle for Infusion. If you go back to the Character screen and look at the Infused weapon, you’ll see the new, higher Attack value.

At this point the Infusion process is complete and you should be able to take it from here and have some fun with it. As a reminder, always plan out your Infusions so you don’t waste resources on gear that you aren’t going to be using very long.

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