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Destiny: The Taken King – How to Refer a Friend

by Prima Games Staff

Welcome, Guardian! This feature includes a list of instructions to refer a friend in Destiny: The Taken King. Bungie’s Refer-a-Friend program gives existing players the chance to essentially recruit newcomers to the game. They’ll team up to complete the new A Tale of Two Guardians quest to earn exclusive in-game rewards. 

Keep in mind Refer-a-Friend appears in the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Destiny. If you played the game on either PS3 or Xbox 360 for less than seven days, you will need to upgrade to one of the aforementioned platforms to become a Referee. Play longer than seven days and you become a Veteran. Two Veterans cannot form a link with each other. 

In the simplest terms, one player says to the other, “Hey, come play Destiny with me to get free stuff,” but the process is a bit complex.  For starters, Bungie refers to current Destiny players who installed the current update as Veterans, while newcomers who’ve yet to play are known as Referees.

Forming a Link

To get involved with Refer-a-Friend, you must establish a link with the other player, and you both need accounts; this feature is not available in the free Destiny Companion App.

If you are the Destiny Veteran, click the Refer-a-Friend option at and create a referral link, and make sure it is for the desired platform, PS4 or Xbox One. 

From there, send this person the referral link and monitor its progress in Pending Referrals. When the other player accepts, both of you will be connected through the Bungie website. You can view the link under Accepted Referrals; links may take roughly an hour to show up on the site. 

Jump into the game with the linked player and proceed to the Tower. Engage the Speaker in conversation and take part in the quest, A Tale of Two Guardians.

Additionally, a Veteran can have up to four Pending, Accepted or Linked Referees at one time. Go to the Refer-a-Friend section of to manage (add and remove) Referees. 

If you are the Referee, click the link sent from the Veteran and follow the necessary steps. You will need to own Destiny: The Taken King for either PS4 or Xbox One and have your own PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. There is no console sharing.

Don’t panic if the link does not appear in Destiny. The process may take up to an hour to transfer from the Bungie site to the video game. To check the link in-game, go to Character Inventory and then the Roster tab. You should see an icon to the right of your PSN ID or Xbox Live Gamertag. 

If for some reason you accidentally cancel a Veteran referral, you will need to have this person send another one. Bungie won’t let you accept a referral from a new Veteran. 

If you’re the Veteran in search of a Referee, check out the Bungie Recruitment forum. Create a new thread or respond to an existing one. 


Complete A Tale of Two Guardians to earn the following rewards: Elemental Infinite Edge, EV-34 Vector Infinite, Duo Dance, High Five, Infinite Link and Sign of the Infinite.

For more info, visit our free Destiny: The Taken King Walkthrough and Guide.

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