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How to Get Destiny: The Taken King’s No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle

by Prima Games Staff

One of Destiny’s memorable scenes takes place on Venus when your Guardian encounters the Exo Stranger, who utters the infamous line, “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain.” Fans immediately criticized Bungie for this bit of dialogue, and the developer responded with an Exotic pulse rifle in Destiny: The Taken King called… wait for it… No Time to Explain! 

This feature will tell you how to get No Time to Explain in Destiny: The Taken King, the pulse rifle packing 290 attack power. Unlock this bad boy and there’s a great chance it’ll become your new favorite weapon. 

To set things in motion, you need to turn in the Cult Ghost from the Paradox Daily mission to Lakshmi-2, the faction vendor from the Future War Cult located in the Tower. You must also pledge allegiance to this faction. 

Do this and gain 1,000 reputation from the Future War Cult. If you hoard materials like we do, this will be relatively easy. Simply hand over a bunch of excess materials to reach 1,000 reputation.

Now that you earned the Future War Cult’s respect, Lakshmi-2 wants you do slay a Taken Minotaur and grab its Simulation Core. These guys are everywhere, but we heard it’s best to visit Venus and then the citadel, where there’s a great chance you’ll encounter a Taken Minotaur.

Make this creature dead and pick up the Simulation Core. Return to Lakshmi-2 again and your next task involves killing Atheon during the Vault of Glass raid. Assemble a quality fire team and have at it! 

Take down Atheon (the Sleeper Simulant will make this task much easier) and bring the creature’s eye to Lakshmi-2. If you need the Sleeper Simulant, we’ll tell you how to get one.

From here, you will need to finish the Shadow of Twilight quest. You need to locate a hidden chest on the map, but there’s a catch. Your health depletes, and the only way to top it off is to stand inside special pools of light. No need to randomly explore. You will find a hidden chest in the map’s C area.

Almost done! The final quest sends you on the Blood of the Garden quest, a special 290 Light Black Garden mission. Monsters spawn all over the place and you must kill these adversaries to keep the Anger Meter above 100. To make things trickier, you have to deal with a Groundskeeper (gate keeper). 

If you play through this mission with a fire team, have some players take care of the minions to keep the Anger Meter above 100 while you focus on the Groundskeeper; the Sleeper Simulant works beautifully here. 

When the gate keeper dies, head back to Lakshmi-2 once more and you’ll obtain No Time to Explain Exotic Pulse Rifle.  Enjoy!

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