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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get the Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: Rise of Iron has been out for over a week and the community has been working hard to decode all the secrets that it brought with it. Last week players discovered several monitors hidden throughout the Wrath of the Machine raid, that when activated, unlocked a chest which would present them with a special item that could then be used to start an Exotic quest to get a new Exotic Pulse Rifle. In this article we’ll show you how to get the new Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle.

How to Get the Be the Battery Exotic Quest

The first step to starting this process is to acquire the Be the Battery quest. This quest can be obtained by finding and activating five monitors in the Wrath of the Machine raid. We won’t go too in-depth into directions for that here, so as to save space, but you can head over to our monitor locations guide to learn more and find out how to activate each monitor. Once you have activated all the monitors, and gained access to this quest, it’s time to dive in and get to work.

How to Complete the Be the Battery Exotic Quest

In order to complete the first step of this quest you will need to have one Warlock, one Hunter, and one Titan in your Fireteam. You cannot have anymore Fireteam members than this, and all members of the Fireteam must have the quest currently active. This means teamwork is a vital part of this quest, so be sure you have some reliable friends to complete it with. The quest steps here are pretty easy. Simply follow the directions and complete the objectives listed below:

  • Complete a Nightfall Strike.
  • Complete 3 Public Events in the Plaguelands.
  • Complete 3 Crucible Matches or Heroic Strikes.
  • Get 50 Kills with a Pulse Rifle.

Once you have completed these objectives, you will complete the first step of the quest, and unlock the next portion.

How to Complete That Light May Bind

This quest step might seem relatively simple, since it’s only one objective. But, it’s actually quite difficult and complex to pull off. You’ll still need to have a Fireteam of one Warlock, one Titan, and one Hunter. So be sure to only work on this with your chosen group of pals. This quest step requires you to synchronize the SIVA Engine that you received from the Wrath of the Machine raid when you activated all the monitors and looted the chest. Feel free to try to figure this out on your own, though if you aren’t up for that we have included the sequence of numbers needed to complete it below.

When you click on the SIVA Engine in your inventory it will be made up of three rows and columns. The top row is 1, the middle row is 2, and the bottom row is 3. Each appropriate class will need to enter the numbers below.

  • Hunter – 23223
  • Warlock – 31313
  • Titan – 32323

Once you’ve completed the step above, it’s time to move on to quest step 3.

How to Complete Parts of a Whole

This next quest step is similar to the first one. In it you’ll need to stick to your three man Fireteam, one Warlock, one Hunter, and one Titan. From there you will need to complete the objectives listed below to move on.

  • Actively explore the Plaguelands (complete Patrols, kill enemies, etc.)
  • Complete 3 Archon Forge events.
  • Destroy Sepiks Perfected in the revamped Devil’s Lair strike.

After you complete the three objectives above it is time to once more tune the SIVA Engine. This will align the energy inputs, and allow you to continue through the quest.

We’ve included the numbers for this sequence below. It works very similar to the last sequence, though there is a fourth row this time around, making the top row 1, and the bottom row 4.

  • Hunter – 24414 or 41233
  • Warlock – 13334 or 23444
  • Titan – 42123

Now you need to complete the Wrath of the Machine raid one more time. This will allow you to acquire three components from each boss in the raid. Once you have the components it is time to finish the final alignment. Your final value here needs to be 730. The starting number will change between each class. There aren’t any current known solutions for this one, so head over to the community created calculator to help you solve the sequence. After the final sequence has been aligned, return to Shiro to receive the Outbreak Prime Exotic Pulse Rifle.

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