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Destiny: Rise of Iron – How to Get Ornaments for Exotic Gear

by Prima Games Staff

Ornaments are a special new accessory item for certain weapons and gear in Destiny: Rise of Iron. These new items are pretty tricky to acquire, though, and cost a good bit to build. In this article we go over ornaments for exotic gear, which ones are currently available, and tell you the best possible ways to get ahold of them in the newest Destiny expansion. Keep reading to learn more.

What are Ornaments in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Ornaments in Destiny: Rise of Iron act similar to weapon skins in other first person shooters. This special items can only be applied to specific weapons, and there aren’t currently a lot of them available. These collectible items can be turned off and on as often as the player likes through the weapon’s inventory system, however, you’ll have to activate them first. Now that you have a good understand of what Ornaments are, and what they do, let’s dive into how you get more of them.

How to Get Ornaments in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Getting Ornaments in Destiny: Rise of Iron is actually quite challenging. There are currently only two ways to get them. The first way involves completing weekly events to receive Radiant Treasure mystery bags. You can also buy these items from the Eververse Trading Company for 200 Silver each. Before you head off buying tons of silver to grow your Ornament collection, you should be aware that the drop rate for specific Ornaments is fairly low, and the changes of you receiving a lot of duplicate Ornaments is extremely high.

You can also purchase Ornaments from Xur for Silver Dust. He’s supposed to sell a new Ornament each week. So be sure to keep an eye on his stock when he comes each Friday morning. Once you have the Ornament you want, open up your Inventory and select the weapon that you’d like to equip it to. Now scroll all the way to the right of that weapon’s perk area and you should be able to spot the Ornaments in the last column of selectable perks. With the Ornament in your Inventory, and 5 Silver dust to activate it, click the Ornament icon to activate it and change the look of your weapon.

All the Ornaments in Destiny: Rise of Iron

There are quite a few Ornaments in the newest expansion for Destiny, and we’ve got them all here. There aren’t nearly as many Ornaments for Armor, but there are a good few to choose from for several of the Exotic weapons in the game. Check them out below.

Weapon Ornament 1 Ornament 2
MIDA Multi-Tool Special Ops Arctic Survivalist
Zhalo Supercell Not a Toy Shock Hazard
Truth Heart of Gold Prototype
Hawkmoon Carrion Moon Glow
Monte Carlo Superspy Royal Flush
Invective Storm’s Reproach Iconoclast
Telesto Queen’s Command Lingering Vestige
Khvostov 7G-0X Bureau of Aeronautics Last Warmind
Nemesis Star Meteorite Silver Bullet
Trespasser Fallen Assassin Crucible Assassin
The Young Wolf’s Howl The Wolves Remember Born in Fire

The only armor pieces that currently have Ornaments include the new Days of Iron armor set – which can be obtained by completing objectives in the Rise of Iron book – the new Wrath of the Machine raid armor, and the Scarab’s Vigil Trials of Osiris armor. Now that you know about Ornaments, head back over to our Destiny: Rise of Iron walkthrough for more tips, tricks, and guides on the newest expansion to hit Bungie’s shoot and loot game.

That’s all we know about Ornaments in the newest Destiny expansion. If you want to make the most of your gear, and change the way it looks, you’re going to have to grind things out, or drop some cash into the Eververse Trading Company. While many of these Ornaments look really good, the low drop rate does make them tough to acquire, especially if you’re trying to pick up all the Days of Iron Ornament pieces for your armor set. It does look really good on the Titan class, though. Destiny: Rise of Iron is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and players on both platforms can pick up new Ornaments using the tips we’ve outlined above.

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