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Destiny Light Level Guide, Etheric Light

by Prima Games Staff

Reaching the maximum level of Light in Destiny used to be a daunting task. Weekly Nightfall Strikes and Raids often left Guardians disgruntled at the random and unsatisfying drops. The grind for Ascendant materials was real, and there weren’t a lot of people who enjoyed it, even if they loved the game.

Thankfully, with the release of House of Wolves, Bungie has not only increased the maximum Light level, but they have also changed the way you obtain and upgrade your Legendary and Exotic gear. Rather than Ascendant materials, you now need Etheric Light, only you need much less of it, and the game tells you exactly how you can obtain it.

How to Get Etheric Light

There are three commons ways that Guardians can get Etheric Light. The first is to play through the Prison of Elders mode on the two top difficulties. The second is to get lucky and have it drop for you when you complete the Weekly Nightfall Strike, and the third is by competing in the Trials of Osiris PvP mode. If you are really hard up, you can also grind through the Iron Banner events when they are active and buy some the vendor. No matter which option you choose, you shouldn’t need more than four pieces of it in order to hit Light level 34. You can also transfer Etheric Light from one character to another by using the Vault, so if you really want that level 34 Hunter, you can just steal the resources you need from your Warlock or Titan.

Level Required Light
21 20
22 32
23 43
24 54
25 65
26 76
27 87
28 98
29 109
30 120
31 132
32 144
33 156
34 168

How to Get House of Wolves Gear

You will find it incredibly easy to get your hands on some House of Wolves gear. In fact, we had a friend who managed to get some when he was only a level 20 by playing through the Vanguard Strike Playlist. You can also buy this gear from the Hunter, Warlock and Titan Vanguards, as well as earn some in the Prison of Elders mode that starts at level 28. In a nutshell, anywhere that you can get Legendary or Exotic drops, you can get your hands on some House of Wolves gear to help you reach Light level 34.

Complete Daily and Weekly Events

Another way to get your hands on the gear that is required to hit Light level 34 is by completing the Weekly Nightfall Strike, Daily Heroic Mission, and Weekly Heroic Strike. These are fantastic places to get drops, but they also earn your Motes of Light and Strange Coins. Both of these are a currency that will let you buy Exotic gear from Xur, and this is a great way at picking and choosing the armor that you put on your Guardian, rather than hoping you get Chest Armor, but instead getting third pair of boots that just won’t do you any good.

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