Destiny: The Iron Banner Guide to Bounties

Here's how to clean up on all of the Year 2 Bounties and achieve that coveted Iron Banner Rank 5.

If you’re a long-time player of the Iron Banner events in Destiny, then you know how vital reputation can be. In this guide, we’ll cover all of the Bounties that Lord Saladin has to offer in the Iron Banner, and help you increase your rank in order to unlock some sweet rewards.

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The Right Gear For the Job

First, make sure you’re wearing the proper gear when pursuing Bounties such as the Iron Banner Shader, Emblem, and Class items. We recommend the Hunter’s Cloak, Warlock’s Bond, and the Titan’s Mark. These will help you increase the rate in which you pick up Banner reputation, which is especially helpful in the initial levels that can take some time to get through. Keep an eye on any items that help increase reputation by hovering your cursor over them to check their stats. If you don’t have any, you can purchase some from Lord Saladin.

The Bounties

When you head to the Hall of Guardians in the Tower you’ll find a new area up above. There you’ll find Lord Saladin and be able to choose from the various available Bounties. All of these Bounties are listed below. 

Iron Gauntlet

For this Bounty you need to rack up some special skills including five double kills, a ten-kill streak, a top overall score, and Iron Banner Rank 4. That last one will take the most time to earn, although you can accomplish the others easily with the help of Super Ability. The top score can be also be somewhat challenging, but just grab as many kills as you can and you’ll be good to go. The ten-kill streak is a breeze, and assists also appear to count toward it.

Iron Marathon

The next Bounty requires you to get 13 matches in the books, along with seven Iron Banner wins. This will take some time and patience, although you can earn the Iron Banner wins separate from the 13 matches if you prefer. Try to have a devoted Fireteam on hand, as randomized ones don’t stand as much of a chance at winning as the well-coordinated Fireteams do.

Iron Versatility

With this Bounty you’ll need to earn 50 Primary Kills, 25 Secondary Kills, and seven Heavy Kills. The first two parts should be pretty easy to put together. However, you’ll need to conserve Heavy Ammo in the five-minute mark of the match to accomplish the third goal. Any Heavy Weapon should do the trick, but keep in mind that other players will be armed with them as well. Avoid tight spaces, use cover whenever possible, and shoot accordingly.

Iron Light

The Iron Light Bounty requires you to acquire 15 Ability Kills that are accustomed to your Super Ability, Melee, and Grenade abilities. The Bladedancer Subclass for the Hunter is a good option here, especially with the attachable Grenade. This will grant you several kills in the process. As for Melee, you’ll need to charge it in order for the kills to count, as regular punches won’t do the trick. The Super Ability is a great way to rack up kills, so this Bounty shouldn’t take too long to complete.

Heavy Iron

Take note of this special Bounty, as you’ll only need to achieve three Heavy Kills. The best part is that you don’t have to earn them all in one turn or even one match, as you can get one Kill per match and complete it over as many rounds as it takes. Once you notch up three Heavy Kills, you’re good to go.

Iron Domination

For Iron Domination you’ll need to acquire 1,500 points in a match in order to move forward – a drop from the previous goal of 2,500. Simply play through the game in a single match-up and you should be able to rack up the points.

Iron Workhorse

Earn 20 kills and this Bounty is as good as yours. They don’t need to come from the same match, and it appears that assists count toward kills as well. You’ll be able to earn this within a couple of matches. 

Iron Determination

You’ll need to acquire seven kills while your team is leading to get the Iron Determination Bounty. This will come naturally in just a couple of rounds. Select it alongside one of the other easier Bounties and you’ll complete it in no time!

Iron Journeyman

Achieve a Top 3 finish and earn the Iron Journeyman. If you’re a newcomer to the Iron Banner, this may seem a little tougher to come by. However, you’re not tied to having a win here, nor do you need to finish in the Top 3 personally. This should make completing this Bounty a little easier.

Familiar Iron

All you need to do for the Familiar Iron is get 13 Primary Kills. Just take down Guardians with any primary weapon you have on hand. You can also do this over the course of several matches without having to worry about getting everything done at once. A couple of rounds and this should be completed. 

Iron Hued

Finally, for Iron Hued you need to win a match. You’ll want to make sure you have an Iron Banner Shader or Emblem equipped, which you can get from Lord Saladin or the vendor (or even one of the nearby kiosks), if you don’t currently own one. Once that’s done, head into the Iron Banner matches, win one, and this Bounty is done.

That’s it! Good luck with collecting your Bounties!

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