Destiny – How to Farm Strange Coins

Gather up your Strange Coins to make sure you’re ready for Rise of Iron.

Strange Coins are one of the most sought after pieces of Currency in the Destiny universe and we’re going to tell you exactly how to farm them. Since the release of The Taken King, however, Bungie has made it harder to collect them, meaning players will need to find a good way to farm these unique items. You can then the Strange Coins use to purchase new Exotic Weapons, Exotic Engrams, and other items like the Three of Coins from Xur, who only appears on the weekend. To help you prepare for Rise of Iron, and the surge of new items coming to the game, we’ve pinpointed some key ways to help you gather up more Strange Coins to make sure you’re ready to buy whatever Xur has to offer.


One of the simplest ways to collect Strange Coins is to head to The Tower or The Reef and pick up a slew of new bounties. When completed you can turn these tasks in for additional experience, as well as a small chance at some Strange Coins. We usually manage to pull off at least a few Strange Coins with every bounty cleansing, so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to do the same.


Another really easy way to farm for Strange Coins is to turn in Engrams, which have a small chance of turning into the item that you’re looking for. It isn’t a really high chance, however, farming for Engrams isn’t that hard, which makes this a pretty fool proof way to gather more Strange Coins without putting in a lot of hard work.

Strike Playlists

Got a couple of pals you want to hang out with? Or just looking to enjoy the Destiny gunplay while you farm? That’s where the Strike Playlists come in. Not only are you guaranteed some Legendary Marks on your first time through the weekly playlist, but you’re also guaranteed a pretty good chance of scoring yourself some Strange Coins in the end game results. Of course, you’re going to have to be willing to slum it out for twenty to thirty minutes (sometimes longer) depending on the strike you end up with.

Patrol Missions

This next farming method is a bit slower than the rest, however, its consistency makes up for the time that it requires. If you head down to a planet and complete anywhere between five to twelve Patrols, a Secret Patrol Mission will spawn. The mission, which is called Curiouser and Curiouserwill give you quite a few different tasks to complete, and once you finish them up you’ll be able to quickly jump back to orbit and load back down to the planet to reset your Patrol progress, allowing you to restart the method over again really quickly.

Prison of Elders

The final Strange Coin farming method we want to touch on requires you to head down to the Prison of Elders, which can be reached from The Reef. Load into the Level 28 arena (it helps to bring some friends along), and make your way through the different challenge rooms. Once you complete the various arenas, and the treasure room unlocks, make your way down the hole to the treasure room and open up the two chests found here. These two chests have a good chance of netting you two to three Strange Coins, while the big chest – which doesn’t require a key anymore (thanks April update!) – offers a guaranteed three whenever you open it for the first time in a week. That’s at least nine Strange Coins a week if you do it on all three of your characters!

These aren’t the only ways to earn Strange coins, though. You can also just earn Strange Coins by completing things like Crucible matches, Daily Missions, Nightfall Strikes, and just randomly wandering around planets and completing Patrols for no reason. Strange Coins can also be found inside of Raid chests, however, because Raids take so long to complete, we didn’t list it as a viable farming method. You’ll also want to make sure you are completing this methods following the “optimal path”, which means you’ll want to grab any bounties before you head into the strike playlists or Prison of Elders.

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