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Destiny: The Dark Below – Urn of Sacrifice Quest, Kill Urzok, Ritual of Sacrifice

by Prima Games Staff

Destiny: The Dark Below — Bungie’s debut expansion for their first-person shooter — will give Guardians at least a couple cracks at some Legendary gear. The first of that gear was the Murmur Fusion Rifle, unlocked for completing The Wakening, a quest provided by Eris. The second piece of Legendary equipment might be even more exciting, however, as it will allow — some — players to increase their Light, a requirement for anyone who wants to try their hand at the Vault of Glass or Crota’s End Raids.

For completing the Urn of Sacrifice quest — and subsequent steps — players will be rewarded with one of three legendary Gauntlets, but which set you unlock wil depend on what class you’re playing as when you complete the Quest.

  • Warlock: Thrallskin Brace
  • Titan: Knightbone Guard
  • Hunter: Acolyte Rung

Here’s how you unlock them.

Urn of Sacrifice Quest

The first step is to pick up the Urn of Sacrifice Quest from Eris. There’s no point to doing this before Xur arrives, however, as he is an essential character in several steps of this process. If Xur is at home sleeping the week away, skip this until he makes his appearance on Friday. When he does show up, snag the quest from Eris, then head over to Xur and purchase the Urn of Sacrifice for a single Strange Coin.

Gather Their Dust

Next up you’ll need to head out to one of the original loot farming locations, The Dark Beyond mission that takes place on the Moon. Reddit advises completing this on Level 9/Heroic difficulty, although we’re not entirely sure why. Either way, most players doing this series of quests will be a high enough level that there is no reason not to.

Make your way to the part just after the cut scene, then use a fusion rifle that does Solar damage to kill 25 Thrall. The key here is that you can’t die or your progress will be reset. This means you may have to do the mission all the way through more than once, returning to orbit and then starting again. A second — and likely far more appealing — option is to leave the embers that are dropped by the Thrall laying on the ground, allowing the Knight to kill you so that you can reload from the previous checkpoint. The embers will still be there when you reload, allowing you to easily complete this portion of the quest. Just remember, if you kill the Knight you’ll advance the story, meaning you have to do the mission a second time without dying.

Gather Their Fury

This part can be a pain, but once you get the hang of how it’s done you’ll zip right through it. Essentially, you need to melee five Cursed Thrall, something that is complicated by the damage they do when they explode in close proximity to you, as well as the fact that you can’t die or you’ll lose your progress, just like the previous step.

To accomplish this with as little fuss as possible, go out for a patrol on Earth, making your way towards the legendary loot cave. This will cause you to go through a building in which you will automatically turn on your in-game flashlight. Head up the stairs and into a very dark room that has some foes lurking about, killing them all to clear the room. When they’re down, look in the room’s back right corner — from the door you entered through — where you’ll find the Servant of the Hand just hanging out. Kill this fool, then get ready to run away.

Killing the Servant of the Hand will trigger an onslaught of adversaries, and your best bet is to backtrack out the door you originally came in through. When you spot a Cursed Thrall, run in and melee the sucker, then retreat back out the door to regain your health. Keep doing this until all five are dead. Feel free to kill everything else with whatever weapon you fancy, and if you don’t get them all in one run, just leave the area and return to complete it again.

Gather Their Faith

This part is a real pain, requiring you to defeat 100 Acolytes or Wizards using Void damage, also making sure to collect their drops. The problem is you lose progress — not all of it — when you die, so taking a the smarter, not harder approach is essential.

At first glance, returning to The Dark Beyond mission on the Moon — just after the cut scene in the middle — is a good option. You can kill about 10 Acolytes in the battle directly following the cinematic, although you have to be careful not to pick up the drops, or kill the Knight. You need to leave the drops on the ground until there are a total of 100, allowing the Knight to kill you so you can reload from the last checkpoint. If you kill the Knight, or pick up the drops, you’ll need to finish the entire mission to ensure you don’t lose any progress. For this reason, we’d advise not trying this method. It’s just messy.

Your best bet is to load up a Moon mission called Chamber of Night, completing it all the way through. You’ve got Acolytes and Wizards here that will give you about 30 drops for each run, meaning you can knock this part of the quest off in about an hour. Just do the mission all the way through, killing the Acolytes and Wizards with Void damage and picking up their drops. When you’re done, return to orbit, then load it up and do it again. If you run out of ammo for your special weapon, head to the Tower and purchase more.

Gather Their Suffering

The tedious part is over, unless you consider hanging out on Earth for 30 minutes while you wait for a public event tedious. That’s exactly what you need to do, however, and you definitely don’t want to do it alone. Oh, you also want to bring Arc damage, meaning the Murmur Fusion Rifle is another good bet.

Head out to Earth and make your way to Skywatch, stopping in the immediate area just outside of the legendary loot cave. There are plenty of respawning foes to keep you busy, but eventually a public event will kick off and some crazy fool named Urzok will show up, and he’s no joke. It’s very, very easy to die during this event, which is why you almost absolutely must have multiple Guardians with you to take this guy down. When he’s dead, head back to the tower to prepare for the final step.

Ritual of Sacrifice

You should now see a mission on the Moon called Ritual of Sacrifice, and completing it is the final step. This isn’t a walkthrough, so we’re not going to guide you step-by-step through the process. Instead, we’ll tell you to bring a friend, and more than likely two. They don’t have to be at the same point of the process as you, but if they’re not they won’t get the same reward at the end.

Ritual of the Forsaken

When the mission is complete you’ll need to return to the tower, heading to Xur to complete the Ritual of the Forsaken quest. He’ll then give you the Eyes of the Forsaken quest, which only requires you to mosey on over to Eris to claim your prize, the Legendary Acolyte Rung Gauntlets. Not a bad reward for two hours of work, and if you disagree, you’re likely living the high life at Level 30.


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