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Destiny – Best Special Weapons to Hold onto for Rise of Iron

by Prima Games Staff

When Destiny: The Taken King hit consoles last September, it added a lot of new content and weapons for Guardians to devour. Now that we’re growing closer to a new expansion pack, it’s time to start hand picking the weapons that you’ll want to keep close as you head into your next adventure. We’ve put this guide together to help you along the way, and we’ll be showcasing three of the best Special Weapons you can acquire in Destiny’s second year of content.

Black Spindle

The Black Spindle is a God among Sniper Rifles. Originally tied to one of the hardest hidden missions the Destiny universe has ever seen, this Sniper Rifle tore through the news cycle unlike anything we’d ever seen. This Exotic Sniper Rifle features some really good perks that make it an absolutely beast in the King’s Fall Raid, Strikes, and missions. The White Nail perk, alone, makes this weapon worth having, as landing three precision shots will refill the weapon’s magazine completely, so long as you have the bullets to do so in your reserves. It also features the Mulligan perk, which has a small chance to return ammunition to your magazine when missing shots.


Similar to the famed Needler of the Halo series, the Telesto is an Exotic Fusion Rifle. This Special Weapon is an excellent contender for our list, because it features a few really useful perks that can help you take enemies out quickly. The Unplanned Reprieve perk, which makes the projectiles fired by this weapon stick to your enemies, and explode after a few seconds, is a great way to attack enemies as they try to move between cover. The delayed explosion of each round will then harm that enemy as it hides behind cover, thinking that it is safe. It is also a good way to attack enemies that are hidden behind corners and obstacles, as the projectiles stick to walls and the floor and explode, causing damage to nearby enemies.

The Defiance of Yasmi

The last weapon on our list is a King’s Fall Raid drop, and another Sniper Rifle. The Defiance of Yasmi is a fantastic sniper rifle due to the holographic site that it employs, versus the normal long-ranged scope that most snipers are seen with. It also features a very special perk, one that can be found on all the raid-specific weapons introduced in The Taken King’s end-game content, and that perk is Cocoon. This special perk allows the weapon to reload automatically when not selected, allowing you to run it dry, switch to another weapon for a short time, and then pull it out again without ever worrying about reloading. It’s a very useful perk to have, and it helps make this sniper rifle one of the best Special Weapons in the game at this point in time.

Of course, there are still tons of other Special Weapons out there, and your favorites might vary from ours. But, no matter which weapons you think are the best, we can assure you that the ones we have listed above are going to be extremely useful as we head into the opening hours of Destiny: Rise of Iron. We will be covering Destiny quite extensively over the coming weeks, so be sure to check back often for updated guides, walkthroughs, and more as we prepare for Rise of Iron.

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