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Destiny – Best Place to Farm Rare and Legendary Engrams

by Prima Games Staff

We found a new loot farming location in Destiny (9/26/14)!

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With roughly two weeks of grinding in the bag, it’s safe to say that we’re addicted to the Rare and Legendary Engrams in Bungie’s Destiny. Of course, they never drop as quickly as we’d like, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised we were to hear about a new loot farming location even better than the last.

After hearing stories of Legendary Engrams being dropped like third period French, we jumped in with a few friends and gave it a shot. The hype is real, as we were able to score about 30 Rare Engrams, three Legendary Engrams and nearly 20,000 Glimmer. While we’d like to tell you that was a half hour of work, it was more like two or three.

Since there are plenty of Engrams to go around, here is the best way to join the fun until Bungie patches this, which they almost certainly will in the near future.

New Loot Farming Location

In order to hit up this new loot farming location, get yourself into Orbit and then select Earth. You want to do the Patrol mission, and when you spawn, jump on your Sparrow and head to the Skywatch area of the map. It should be fairly easy to identify since there will be four or five other players doing exactly the same thing. Seriously, we’ve yet to show up to this farming location and not see several other players with the same idea.

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How to Farm Rare and Legendary Loot

Once you arrive, disembark from your Sparrow and stand back from a cave that will continuously spawn members of the Hive. If everyone is working together you should be able to shoot them before they manage to scatter outside, and a few seconds later they will spawn again. Continue to shoot them each time they respawn, and soon you’ll start to see Uncommon (Green) and Rare (Blue) drops inside the cave. Don’t rush in to collect them. That’s bad etiquette, as it will cause your enemies to stop spawning. Even if you run out of bullets, just chill there and let you teammates do all the work since you’ll still get drops.

Eventually, someone in your group will make a break for the cave, so follow their lead and rush inside to pick up all the drops. If you’re above Level 20, chances are Uncommon loot doesn’t cut it for you any longer, so just disassemble it to make room for the Rare Engrams you’ll pick up. When you have all the goods, head back to the firing position and start the process over again.

As an added tip, make sure you are constantly equipping your Black Wax Idol consumables. These will give you more Glimmer for killing members of the Hive. In fact, in about two hours of loot farming we ended up with about 20,000 Glimmer.

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