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Destiny Beginner’s Tips and Tricks – How to Stop a Spider Tank, Crucible Strategies

by Prima Games Staff

How to find every Gold Chest in Destiny.

Bungie weapon loadouts for the Hunter, Warlock and Titan classes.

Bungie’s Destiny finally arrived, and presumably millions of people set out to explore the universe solo and with friends. There are aliens to kill, places to discover and most importantly, loot to collect. This means gamers need tips on how to survive in these beautiful environments. That said, here are Destiny tips and tricks from Bungie, which the developer gave to Newsweek in the recently published strategy guide. 

Single Player and Co-op 

Plenty of ways to acquire cool pieces of loot

Keep an eye out for the Iron Banner. These Iron Banner Crucible events let players compete in special PvP challenges to score some of Destiny’s best items. 

Enjoy Destiny on your smartphone or tablet

Don’t forget to download the Destiny Companion App for iOS and Android devices. You can view acquired Grimoire cards and uncover secrets on how to beat different enemies like the Hive Ogre. In addition, you’re free to customize your character away from the game (armor, weapons, anything) and check out available bounties before heading off to fight.

Even the best weapons need upgrades

Legendary weapons are some of the coolest in the game, but don’t forget to upgrade them regularly. Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon to unlock the Fully Weaponized badge. 

Explore familiar territory 

There’s a reason you can go on the same Strikes after maxing out your character’s XP. Strikes give you great chances to pick up new loot, complete bounties and find parts for more powerful weapons, even if you beat them ages ago.  

The Tower is one of Destiny’s best features 

Spend quality time in The Tower.  Destiny’s hub gives you the chance to meet players. Perhaps most importantly, you can speak to non-player characters (NPCs) to unravel the game’s rich history while purchasing weapons, gear and accepting Bounties. 

How to beat a Spider Tank in Destiny 

Spider Tanks seem daunting at first, but the same rules to destroy them apply throughout the entire game. Break up your team so the Tank doesn’t kill everyone with a single cannon blast, which has tremendous splash damage. Should someone get taken out, hop on your Sparrow and quickly head in his or her direction for the revive. 

From there, go for the tank’s turret and blow it up, effectively removing this attack option. Then blast its legs by targeting the glowing panels. The more legs you take down, the more opportunities to hit the Spider Tank’s core. With the core exposed, nail that sucker with your Super or heavy weapon. 

Unlock the official Destiny Digital Guide  (also available in a Print Edition).

Destiny Multiplayer Tips – The Crucible

Hunters are difficult to kill in multiplayer because of their quickness. Even the odds with heavier weapons and ammo, particularly the rocket launcher.

With Salvage mode, one of the biggest keys to victory involves memorizing where the relics appear. Grab 20 capture points in Salvage to unlock the Relic Hunter badge. 

When playing as the Hunter, kill wounded players with the throwing knife. In addition, do not activate the Golden Gun at the wrong time, when Hunters are most vulnerable. Flip the switch before heading into a dangerous situation, then go for the kill(s).

You can’t go wrong with a Titan. This class has the most health, which lets it absorb the most punishment. Maximize this by equipping the close-range shotgun and go for melee attacks. 

Should you go with the Warlock class, activate the Nova Linger perk. This lets you stick a Nova Bomb anywhere you want to damage opponents. Bungie suggests putting one on Control points for an explosive surprise.

Remember to use your Supers at critical moments during multiplayer and send Orbs of Light to your buddies. Players who ignore Supers live to regret this. 

This applies to most if not all online first person shooters, but try to play with the same people whenever possible. It’s the best way to maximize key strengths while compensating for any weaknesses.

Change weapons depending on the map. The shotgun is ideal for close quarters environments, while the sniper rifle proves effective in wide open areas.

Create more than one Guardian. Not every character transitions well from story mode to Destiny’s Crucible. 

Your Super recharges faster the longer you stay alive in multiplayer matches.

Destiny GuideMade for the ultimate Destiny fan, the Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guide is a beautiful 400-page guide that comes with two exclusive lithographs, a gorgeous premium double-sided dust jacket (featuring a unique cover design on the exterior and additional artwork direct from Bungie on the interior), as well as one of Three Deluxe, Collectible Covers based on the Hunter, Warlock, or Titan. This Limited Edition book is a must-have collectible for Destiny fans.

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