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Destiny 2 – Wanted: Metal Captain

by Josh Hawkins

With the release of the new Forsaken DLC, Destiny 2 has ushered in its second year of content, bringing a new storyline, new classes, and tons of new items to the game. On top of this, Bungie has also brought back the ever-so-popular Wanted Bounties that many enjoyed in the first game, including the new Wanted: Metal Captain bounty. Some of these bounties can be confusing, so today we’ll show you how to complete the Wanted: Metal Captain bounty in Destiny 2, which will take you to the Drain Lost Sector, located in the EDZ.

Wanted: Metal Captain Bounty

To complete this bounty you’re going to need to make your way to the EDZ. Spawn in at Trostland and hop on your sparrow. From here, head out to the left and make your way towards the Outskirts. You’ll find three Lost Sectors in this particular region of the EDZ, though the Lost Sector that you need to find is The Drain. To find it easily, head towards the middle of the map and look for the bridge over the river—close to where the Servitor Public Event spawns in this area.

Enter the Lost Sector and make your way through it. There’s only one way for you to go, so just continue onward until you reach the end of the area, where you’ll come across several rooms completely full of Fallen enemies. Amidst these enemies you should see the Metal Captain, a yellow bar enemy. It shouldn’t be that hard to take him down—shouldn’t be any more difficult than defeating any other yellow bar enemy in the game—though bringing a few friends along for the journey will make it a bit easier.

Once you defeat the Metal Captain, you’ll complete the bounty, allowing you to turn it in. With that out of the way, head back over to our Destiny 2 guides for more useful information and help completing all the secrets and new quests in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


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