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Destiny 2 Tribute Hall Guide: How to Get Cheaper Calus Tributes

by Ginny Woo

If you’re in the market for exotic weapons in Destiny 2, then you’re going to be no stranger to the Calus Tributes grind that this Season of Opulence has brought upon us for wannabe collectors of the Bad Juju. While these Destiny 2 Tributes are things that you can earn organically in the game by equipping Leviathan and Menagerie gear to knock out Triumphs in the game, those wanting a bit of a shortcut often turn to buying Tributes from Calus. He accepts payment in the form of shiny materials that you accrue over the course of killing things and also accepts good ol’ indentured work in the form of completing bounties. Our Destiny 2 Tribute Hall guide will show you the cheapest way to get your hands on all the Tributes you need to pick up your prized exotic. 

Destiny 2 Tribute Hall Guide: Champion Bounties

If you’re concerned about the upfront cost of getting these Calus Tributes, then knocking out Bounties for the Emperor is going to be your winning strategy. Every day, you’ll get the chance to complete four Champion Bounties for him. Each Bounty gives you a Tithe of Opulence after you trade in the item reward of a Boon of Opulence, and this will give you a 1% discount on the cost of a Tribute. This was bugged earlier on in the year, but this has since been fixed by Bungie so you’re going to have to slowly grind away at these small discounts until you reach the maximum currently allowed under their system of 80%. Keep at it for long enough and you’ll fill your Destiny 2 Tribute Hall in time to get Bad Juju.

Destiny 2 Tribute Hall Guide: Buying Calus Tributes

When you’ve got your discount Tithes in hand, it’s time to actually think about getting Calus Tributes from the man himself. Calus has about 30 of these Tributes to hand out to you in exchange for prized resources, ranging from planetary materials, bright dust, glimmer, and legendary shards. 

If you’re wanting to exchange legendary shards for a Tribute, you’ll have to accumulate over 200 at one go. If you want to trade in Bright Dust for a Tribute, you’ll have to accumulate over 2,000. If you’re wanting to use planetary materials, then you’ll have to accumulate over 100 of them at a given time. On top of that, these Tributes have a supplementary glimmer cost which will run you more than 11,000 glimmer off the bat. Now, all these figures are base numbers which mean that no discounts have been accounted for yet. If it wasn’t obvious before as to why players would want to grind out Bounties for cheaper Calus Tributes, it sure as hell should be obvious now. 

Destiny 2 Tribute Hall Guide: Bad Juju Quest and Catalyst

The real reason why anyone embarks on getting the Destiny 2 Tribute Hall grind is, as we discussed, the Bad Juju weapon. A pre-quest requirement before you’re actually allowed anywhere near the questline for the Bad Juju is the placement of 18 Tributes. Playing in this Season alone will likely have netted you a few of those, but if not, then running current content with Calus-themed equipment will help you make up these initial numbers until you resort to purchasing them from Calus at a price that won’t break the bank if you’ve used our handy bargaining tips from above. 

The real grind is the next phase of actually being a proud Bad Juju owner: unlocking the Catalyst. Why you’d want this increased functionality for the exotic weapon is simple: it increases the time limit for Bad Juju’s perk: String of Curses. This perk essentially siphons Super energy to you and reloads when you take someone down, ensuring that you keep as much uptime on any killing sprees as possible. The Catalyst gives you a bigger window to get multiple stacks of String of Curses, but to get this you’re going to have to net 45 Calus Tributes for the ol’ Emperor. Now that we’ve given you some tips on keeping this grind as cost-effective as one can in this economy, go out there and get to work!

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