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Destiny 2 Scorned Sword Bounty Guide

by Nicholas Barth

A new bounty has appeared in the world of Destiny 2. This new bounty is called Scorned Sword and requires Guardians to bust out one of their bladed weapons to eliminate some targets. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know to complete this Scorned Sword activity covered for you so that you know what you need to do to finish it without too much trouble.  

Destiny 2 Scorned Sword Bounty

Players will find that they have two different ways they can complete this task. One of the methods is to eliminate a Scorn Boss enemy with your bladed weapon. Individuals who would like to complete the Scorned Sword Bounty in this manner can find a Scorn Boss on the Day of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector in the Dreaming City. 

 Destiny 2 Scorned Sword Bounty

However, if you are in more of a PVP mode, you can complete this activity by heading to the Crucible and eliminating an enemy player with your blade. 

The process for achieving success in the Scorned Sword Bounty is not complicated, so Guardians should not have much trouble in completing it in a timely fashion by setting aside just a little bit of time to do so. Both methods will likely take the same amount of time, but players who are not very skilled in PVP will probably find taking down the Scorn Boss an easier task. 

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