With the weekly Destiny 2 reset fresh on the minds of Guardians everywhere, it's time to crack into a popular repeatable activity: Nightfall. While we already have a guide up for the Nightfall information you need this week of 20 August, it's prudent to keep the other rewards that you can get from Nightfall strikes in the back of your mind so you have a bit of an idea of what other weeks might bring. Our Destiny 2 Nightfall guide will list off every unique item that you have a chance to earn from Nightfall strikes.

Destiny 2 Nightfall Loot Guide: What Can You Get From Nightfall Strikes

As you'll probably have gathered if you're in the know about Nightfall, completing it on the lowest difficulty without modifiers will grant you a completion, but that's about all. You're going to want to add modifiers to your runs via the challenge card -- the more of these you tack on, the higher your chances of actually getting unique weapons from these strikes. Check out our list of the different unique items that you can get if you're lucky enough in Nightfall.

If you're completing A Garden World, you could get Universal Wave Function, which is an Exotic Ship. 

If you're completing The Arms Dealer, you could get Tilt Fuse, which is an Exotic Sparrow.

If you're completing The Corrupted, you can pick up Horror's Least, which is a Legendary auto rifle. It benefits from Rapid-Fire Frame -- this gun has deeper ammo reserves and a faster reload if the magazine is empty, and Outlaw -- precision kills reward you with a super quick reload time.

If you're completing Exodus Crash, you could get Impact Velocity, which is an Exotic Sparrow.

If you're completing The Hollowed Lair, you have a chance to get Mindbender's Ambition, which is a Legendary shotgun. It benefits from Aggressive Frame -- increasing your rate of fire after a kill, and Rampage -- if you get takedowns with this weapon, you'll get increased damage for a time (stackable).

If you're completing The Inside Terminus, you have a chance at The Long Goodbye, which is a Legendary sniper rifle. This benefits from Adaptive Frame -- it's reliable and sturdy, and Rapid Hit -- precision hits improve your stability and cut down on reload times. 

If you're completing The Inverted Spire, you could get Trichromatic, which is an Exotic Ghost.

If you're completing Lake of Shadows, you could get Militia's Birthright, which is a Legendary grenade launcher. This benefits from Lightweight Frame -- it's a one-shot weapon with remote detonation capabilities, and Threat Detector -- your reload times, stability and handling are improved if enemies are around. 

If you're completing The Pyramidion, you could get Silicon Neuroma, which is a Legendary sniper rifle. This benefits from Aggressive Frame -- the weapon has a high damage rate and a correspondingly high recoil, and Snapshot Sights -- aiming down your sights is quicker than other weapons. 

If you're completing Savathun's Song, you could get Duty Bound, which is a Legendary auto rifle. It benefits from Adaptive Frame -- it's reliable and sturdy, and Zen Moment -- wreaking havoc will improve the weapon's stability in combat. 

If you're completing Strange Terrain, you have a chance at Braytech Osprey, which is a Legendary rocket launcher. It benefits from High-Impact Frame -- it has a slower fire rate but higher damage, and you gain accuracy from aiming down the sights, and Cluster Bomb -- rockets will birth cluster bombs when they explode. 

If you're completing Tree of Probabilities, you could get the D.F.A, which is a Legendary hand cannon. This benefits from Adaptive Frame -- it's reliable and sturdy, and Opening Shot -- your first shot has better accuracy and a longer range. 

If you're completing Warden of Nothing, you have a crack at Warden's Law, which is a Legendary hand cannon. This is particularly special because of Double Fire -- it has twin-fire rounds, and Zen Moment -- doing damage with Warden's Law increases its stability. 

If you're completing Will of the Thousands, you could get Worm God Incarnation, which is a Legendary transmat.

Now that our Destiny 2 Nightfall loot guide has given you an idea of the rewards that you can aim for each week as the reset rolls around and you get new opportunities to prove yourself. If you want something else to occupy you that isn't farming Nightfall strikes, can we interest you in our guide of all the Pinnacle weapons?