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Destiny 2 New Dungeon – Unlocking the Pit of Heresy

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, then you’ll be aware that the Haunted Forest isn’t the only thing gracing servers at this time of the month. We’re talking about another Destiny 2 new dungeon that’s currently available – the Pit of Heresy. Check out our guide to unlocking the Pit of Heresy if this has piqued your interest and you’re getting a little tired of the trick-or-treating.

Destiny 2 New Dungeon – Unlocking the Pit of Heresy

We’re going to be upfront about this – the Pit of Heresy is going to require 940 Power, so we would make sure that you’re well-equipped before you head over there. While you don’t need to be at that level to actually complete some of the pre-requisites – you just have to be at 880 – we believe in being as prepared as possible upfront. 

Before you can start the quests to unlock the Pit of Heresy, you’re going to have completed the Shadowkeep campaign. This is a requirement for a lot of what is obviously end-game content, so you’ve been warned. Here are the steps that you’re going to take:

  1. Get The Deepening Wake from Eris Morn
  2. Go to Sorrow’s Harbour and the Altars of Sorrow
  3. Defeat 20 Nightmares and open a Tier Three chest during this quest
  4. Hand the quest in to Eris Morn once completed

Finishing The Deepening Wake will officially unlock The Pit of Heresy for you, which is buried beneath Sorrow’s Harbour. You’ll have to pass the Necropolis, and keep going until you see an area marked out in white. Hop down the gap to your right and you’ll be able to access the Pit, though we’d definitely recommend having that 940 Power level. 

Now that you’ve got our guide on how to unlock the Destiny 2 new dungeon, the Pit of Heresy, you’ll know exactly how to make your way there when you’ve amassed enough power. We’re keeping an eye on the rewards that you can get from completing this dungeon too, and we hope to have more information about that soon. Want more help with Destiny 2: Shadowkeep? Check out these guides:

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